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Has anyone changed the screen on a samsung Galaxy s4? I can order the kit off amazon but don't want to ruin the phone. any advise? I can't afford to have it done as they charge so much.

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Not the Galaxy S4 in particular, but I have changed screens on a few different devices.

First thing, is it the screen on top (digitizer) or the LCD underneath that's broken. Meaning, can you still see the screen when the phone is on (digitizer issue), or it is all black (LCD issue).

If it's a digitizer issue, you can probably do the replacement yourself without too much hassle.


  • If the screen is very shattered, apply scotch tape to it to keep all the shards together.
  • Go slow, and be careful not to pry into the bottom LCD.
  • Use a good amount of heat to loosen the adhesive glue. I wa able to use a hair dryer on its highest heat setting, but a heat gun is ideal here.
  • Once the digitizer is off, make sure to clean the LCD well. You don't want dust or anything on there once you put the new screen on top.
  • Most of these replacements have very strong adhesive, so be very careful when lining it up to place on top.

Let me know if you have any other specific questions.

Samsung phones are fairly expensive to repair. You can buy a screen off for a lot cheaper than a repair shop would charge you and if you have someone who is good at DIY you could ask them to do it for you. There's plenty of videos on YouTube explaining how to do it. I would also suggest investing in a good sturdy case :)

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