How To: Prevent the Screen from Waking When Plugging in Your Galaxy S4 to Charge

Prevent the Screen from Waking When Plugging in Your Galaxy S4 to Charge

Much like the high volume warning, there are various minute features on Android that users either hate or just find annoying. Thankfully, there are developers out there that sympathize. It may seem frivolous, but one feature that a lot of people want eliminated is the screen waking whenever a charger is plugged in.

Maybe it's late and the screen is too bright, or maybe you genuinely hate having to press the screen lock button again. Regardless, there's now a way to disable this on your Samsung Galaxy S4 or other Galaxy device.

In order to disable this feature, your device must be rooted and have the Xposed Framework installed—two ridiculously easy steps that can be dealt with in about ten minutes.

Once those are taken care of, open to the Download section of Xposed Installer to search for and install No Wake On Charge from dev Marcel Dopita. After installation, make sure to activate the mod and reboot your device.

It may state "for S5", but it's working just fine for Galaxy S3 and S4 devices. After installing, enabling, and rebooting your device, there is no setting up involved—plug in your Galaxy and the screen will not wake.

How do you know that it's charging? With the LED light on your device. Checkout the video to see this mod in action.

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