How To: Root Any Samsung Galaxy S4 in One Click

Root Any Samsung Galaxy S4 in One Click

Something pretty awesome happened over the last couple of days. George Hotz, better known as Geohot, the infamous hacker known for jailbreaking iOS and exploiting the Sony Playstation 3, has brought joy to owners of just about all Android smartphones and tablets, especially those on AT&T and Verizon.

His latest offering, TowelRoot, roots Android devices in about twenty seconds, and it works for all carriers, not matter how much yours may try to lock you down. With TowelRoot, not only have root capabilities come to the masses, but Geohot has likely claimed himself over $18000 in various bounties for root exploits.

Note that the video above is showcasing the Galaxy S5, but the steps will be exactly the same for any variant of the Galaxy S4, as well as other Android devices, except for HTC and Motorola. For a more detailed explanation behind this exploit, check out Dallas' article for a full breakdown.

Step 1: Download & Install TowelRoot

The process couldn't be easier—start by making sure you have installation from "Unknown sources" enabled, then just grab the TowelRoot apk from here and install.

We're rooting using a pretty genius method. It basically exploits the kernel, which freezes Android, and while the OS is sitting there panicking, it asks for root privileges and Android gives them to it. Then, it copies over the necessary root files and reboots the phone. But because of the way this exploit functions, you'll see a nice scary warning when installing TowelRoot—check that you understand the risks, then hit Install anyway.

Step 2: Run TowelRoot

Now hit the make it ra1n button, and let the app do its thing. It'll automatically reboot your device, and then you'll be rooted!

Yes, it really is that easy. Really.

Step 3: Install SuperSU

While TowelRoot will root your device, it will not install a root manager, which is critical for keeping malicious apps from gaining root access. Far and away the best root manager is SuperSU from developer Chainfire. Head to the Play Store to grab the app directly.

Install it and run. You can skip the part where the app asks if you'd like it to remove KNOX, but to each their own. Either way, you're rooted and ready to roll. And it couldn't have been easier.

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Amazing! Just downloaded Towel Root and with one click my phone is now rooted. Thank you for posting! This has never been easier! It was definitely better than all the steps I had to take to root my old HTC Evo.

Thank you!

Samsung galaxy4 -Unknown sources enabled then I hit I uderstand you still want to install it but won't install. Tried the. Privicy/device access hit install. Nothing. Help, I have no computer access and need to use TowelRoot. Hope you can help. Thank you.

Try downloading the TowelRoot app again and you should be good to go.

Ok so I downloaded towelroot and it says that my device isn't supported but it's a GS4 and I don't understand why it isn't supported.

I am facing the same problem : (
I hope there is a way out with an updated in towelroor.
This is the easiest way t root and keeps the status of your device official ;)

but how can I unroot and get the mobile to the original state to receive official updates if I want to

what are the differences between the rooting softwares onthe net? as some need odin and pc and some show option of unrooting. these softwares also install super su directly as an evidence of rooting

I know it's always good practice to backup your phone but is it absolutely necessary to do so before running the root?

I downloaded the app and tried to do the root ask but my phone is not supported galaxy Samsung s4 4.4.2 any answers?

Very misleading and confusing to not mention that the actual developer expects donations for the sdk root files.

Well, towelroot DID work, until Samsung released new firmware NG8 which I installed last week.
Root disappeared and now towelroot gives a message"this device is unsupported" when I tried to root again :(

I was able to download but when I click make it rain its stating that I need to ensure that I have an internet connection. I have wifi connected but its not working and then it says that towelroot is not responding force close or wait?!! I been trying for over a hour


worked perfectly, thanks for posting.

I just tried to root my Samsung Galaxy S4 (android version 4.2.2) - and I also received a message that "this device is unsupported".

I really need to get my phone rooted - I managed to delete all my photos from internal memory, and all the recovery softwares tell me my phone needs to be rooted.

Anyone got any other ideas? TIA

trying to download it onto my device and all it does is keep opening up new tabs in chrome. any ideas?

try your other internet app, chrome doesn't seem to like it

use the internet app on your phone. i had the same problem

It says that my phone is not supported. Any advices, plz i really need to root my s4.

Just rooted my s4, I saw other users saying it did not work so I did the steps backwards. I installed SU then towelroot. Oh. And don't use chrome to get towelroot, use stock browser or it will not DL.

Hope it helps

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^^^How did u root ur S4 when ur model clearly states that this is a SGH-

Last time I checked, Samsung galaxy 4 is GT-I9515....!!!!

Devices have different model numbers. SGH-M919 is for the T-Mobile variant. Your model is for the "Value Edition" variant.

Be sure to check your phone model before you try to root it!
This worked perfectly for my and mine is a GT-I9505!
Other models might need different steps or methods!

If I cant use crome to dwnLd towelroot wer do I find my stock browser at ... I hav SGs4 mini.

yo so i downloaded it and it says device not supported? its a galaxy s4 t-mobile model help???

will this work for a U.K spec S4 ?

This thing called towel root is utter Junk! It claims it can root all galaxy s4 phones. But that's BS! Tells me my phone can't be rooted at this time because it's not listed or something. Lmfao. Just lies and BS people. Dont download this trash!!

Totally does NOT work for an AT&T S4 - unsupported device.

Again, techies promises are empty. Truly, we are living in the Dark Ages of Computing.

Hello "WonderHowTo".

I am very late to the cellfone arena; I got my first fone ever last week. Galaxy S4.

I wanted to delete the NFL app from my Galaxy S4, rather than simply disable it. I found TowelRoot and this site; followed the instructions, and the result was "unsupported device".

So, in the four months since Kristi Gail McKamie up at the start of the thread posted, the fone software has been rewritten to keep TowelRoot from access to my fone.

As many of us have noticed, it is another system of control. Dang.

Unfortunately, TowelRoot doesn't work on my fone. Many thanks to the hackers for trying to let us users have control over our devices.


So , is there a solution for the verizon samsung S4, I just can't stand it that they put all this bloatware on the phone, I would love to use the cyanogenmod.

Yet another person with an unrootable Verizon S4 here... has anybody figured out how to fix this? I'm suffocating under all this bloatware and it's DESTROYING my battery. Samsung keeps pushing updates and new apps, even when I tell it not to, uninstall updates, and force stops on applications. It's ridiculous!! This is MY PHONE, why can't I make my own damned decisions about what goes on it????

"This phone isn´t currently supported"
Just like some others here, that´s the message I get when trying to install. I have a Samsung Galaxy S4. :(

what if i'll root samsung s4 vietnam copy?, is okay?, there any risk on it?,.is it the same with original one? thanks ill w8 answer

Verizon s4, factory unlocked, android 4.4.2 "this device is currently not supported "

My son has downloaded and now cannot access google - any suggestions? At present he can only talk/text???

I can everyone here that but more tham likely you'll need to downgrade the firmware to root with towelroot.

I have a Samsung SGH - 1527 6.3 MEGA download towel root and tried it

phone wouldn't even accept application I tried several times went through all the procedures prior to trying to install it and it still wouldn't work for me, so if anyone has any ideas for me besides hooking up to a pc I would greatly appreciate it.
Thank you and God bless you

Hello Friends great app, when will it be able to root Samsung S4 mini
Many thanks

I found KINGO ROOT did it for me.

My galaxy s4 i9500 is not supported

Our AT&T galaxy s4 isn't supported because we have locked bootloaders. Meaning we cant flash kernels.Also meaning we can't flash recovery at 4.3 and up. If you took the 4.4.4 update you have to Odin NC1 kernel, root with towel root then flash NJ4 Kernel.

Towel Root said that my Viaero Galaxy S4 i9500 Jellybean 4.2.2 wasn't supported, but I found the Kingo Root (software for PC using USB cable) that did work.

I tested my root access with Root Checker on Google Play. Hope this helps those who have had trouble rooting their S4 as I had.

After rooting your phone, it might be a good idea to install a Root Access app that will only allow access to the apps you give permission to.

I tried it, and it said "Your device is not supported."
I have a Samsung Galaxy S4 SCH-i545 4.4.2

any suggestions?

Aye if yu get yurs rooted can yu let me know how yu did it man I'm trying to root mine and it's the same as yurs i545 kitkat 4.4.2

great I did mine in 1 min I try before never could do a root best ever root

Easiest way to root, is always going to require a pc at some level, for samsung always keep odin on your computer with stock firmware and custome recovery for you devices. first things first, go to xda or android central and get a custom recovery for your model, then you want to reboot into download mode, if you dont know how simply use terminal emulator and type "reboot download" without quotations. Once there take odin and open it make sure no other boxes but f.reset and auto reboot is marked check pda or ap depending on version, find custom recovery we just dl, let it load, hit start and boom, half the battles done, now all you need it a flashable rooting zip file one such is provided by clockworkmod to flash install root. Dl said zip, reboot recovery select install zip, navigate to said zip and click install and now |ou have a genuine rooted device to make or break all you want. Backup often, i understand not everyone is experienced, but befor you root do some research on it and exactly what it is, a good start is why do we call it root as opposed to ios jailbreak or windows andminastrative privileges? Gl fellow android fans

OMG...I just got screwed over big time!!! I donate to this site and the file does not work!!!! Now they have my credit card number and am out $8.95. Not so much worried about the money as I am the fact that they now how my CC number!!!! Stay Away from here!!!

Its because Google see's it as a Virus. I'm hoping that this is a trusted person who is not putting code to steal info from our devices. I am not saying he is, Just that I pick up a virus every time.. Any words on this???

I don't like to discredit anyone, but we never know what's on these apps. We can get all our info stolen through this rooting app and not know it. Google doesn't like he app because of its Virus based construction. I pick up a Virus every time I scan it but people might say, That its typical since its going against the original phone protocol. Samsung has implemented new coding on their firmware since 2014 to stop this app from working on their phones.. I love this app, my fears is who to trust on my phone..

I've got a samsung galaxy s4 But it isn't the GT-I9500, but the GT-I9505.
When I want to use Towelroot, I get the message: This Phone isn"t currently supported.

Doe this one click towel root work on SM-T530NU model???

Okay so I tried it and at first it seemed legit but than I got a notification saying something tried to access my system. I looked into it and it said towel root was trying to access my accounts including my PayPal account.

Hello guys, if you interested in rooting your galaxy s4 i9505 take a look to this video, it clearly shows how easy rooting process is and it's without using custom recovery ^^

I have done all the steps but towelroot says my s4 isn't supported when I checked root access it said root access wasn't properly. I never rooted prior I bought my phone from a pawn shop. How do I get around this and continue to root. I'm having severe problems with my phone since lollipop update it restarts and gets stuck in boot loop. Camera doesn't work the sound doesn't work and when I make a call I can hear anything once and a while I get it to work for a few seconds. Help!!!!

This did not work on my unlocked Samsung Galaxy S4. I installed and ran it and pushed the make it rain button and it says my phone is not supported.

Dang it! Didn't work for my Nexus 7. Android 6.0.1, Build number: MOB30J

Does this erase the phone? Do I need to install a new copy of OS?

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