How To: Secretly Save Snapchat Photos on Your Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Without Notifying the Sender

Secretly Save Snapchat Photos on Your Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Without Notifying the Sender

Saving a Snapchat photo onto your Android device is a simple process, but it always notifies the sender that you took a screenshot of their picture. Some of you may want to remain undetected when taking a screenshot, and where there's a will, there's a way.

Previously, I covered an Android app called Keepchat that allows you to automatically save your pictures and videos onto your rooted Samsung Galaxy Note 2 or other Android device.

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While this feature is awesome, it still notifies the sender that their picture has been saved onto your device, possibly making it awkward when they realize you have something to blackmail them with.

Well, now I'm going to show you a way to keep your screenshotting a secret from Snapchat senders, and it's called Snapchat Holo Edition.

How to Install Snapchat Holo Edition

Snapchat Holo Edition, a redesigned and modified version of Snapchat (currently v3.0.1) from Android developer Ox Apps, allows you to take a screenshot of a picture you receive without notifying the sender.

Step 1: Uninstall Snapchat

Make sure any previous versions of Snapchat are uninstalled and deleted from your device.

Step 2: Enable Unknown Sources

If it's not already enabled, go to Settings -> Security and make sure Unknown sources is checked. This allows you to install third-party apps outside of Google Play.

Step 3: Install the Modded App

Download and install Snapchat Holo Edition onto your device. You can click here to make sure you're getting the newest APK version, which is currently 1.0.

Step 4: Log in to Snapchat

Once you log in, you'll see that the application has a redesigned user interface, which boasts a much cleaner look.

Step 5: Take Screenshots!

When you use the app to take a snapshot of a picture that's sent to you, the other person won't be notified of it.

You can test it out with your friends to make sure it works—I tried it out and it works perfect. I sent a picture from my iPhone 5 to my Galaxy Note 2 and when I took a snapshot of the picture, the iPhone 5 Snapchat app just said that the picture was opened and not screenshotted.

If you want to know how to take undetected snapshots of Snapchat pictures on your iPhone 5 or 4s, you'll have to get iOS 7.

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Why all this fuss???

Just do a screen dump?

Because this method will NOT notify the sender that you took one.

Just install snapgrab from playstore!! Gets pics and videos

I don't see any "snapgrab" in Google Play. I see apps like SnapCapture in there, but they all cost money.

They have removed it as i cant install it after losing my mobile!! I paid for the app aswell but the snap capture is alright part from the logging out all the time and having to log back in

If you are all still interested in saving snaps (on Android), my app has jumped to #1 on the Google Play store for snapchat saving.

It's 100% free.

If I sign in with my same regular snap chat username and password will I have the same contacts, or will I have to add everyone again?

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