How To: Secretly Save Pics & Videos on the Newest Snapchat with Your Galaxy Note 3

Secretly Save Pics & Videos on the Newest Snapchat with Your Galaxy Note 3

While Snapchat's latest update brought messaging and video chatting, it also ruined something for us softModders—KeepChat. With KeepChat, we were able to save pictures and videos sent to us without the other person being notified. It was pretty slick, and I was beginning to miss it.

Thankfully Ramis, KeepChat's developer, has released an updated version of his Xposed module that works great with the latest version of Snapchat.

Step 1: The Prerequisites

Since this app is not available on Google Play and needs root permissions to work, you'll need to have the following three things taken care of on your Samsung Galaxy Note 3 (or other Android device).

Step 2: Install KeepChat

While previous versions of KeepChat have been available directly through Xposed Framework, this latest version is currently in beta, so you'll need to download it from the link below.

After the module has been downloaded and installed, activate it and reboot.

Step 3: Save Pictures/Videos in Secret

Open Snapchat and test out the module by opening any notification in your main feed window. When you open a picture or video, you'll get a toast notification alerting you that it's been saved.

On the other end, the sender won't be notified with a screenshot alert, so they'll never know you saved their picture/video.

If you view any Snapchat stories, they'll also save on to your device.

Warning: Does Not Work in Chat Window

Do not attempt to view pictures and videos that you want to save through the text chatting window. Viewing them from there will result in a screenshot notification to the person who's pictures/videos you're viewing.

Basically, you'll get caught, so don't do it.

Step 4: Adjust KeepChat Settings

In the KeepChat settings, you can mess with things such as whether to save images/videos automatically or to be asked to save them. In addition, you can configure where you want these images/videos to be saved, and if you want them sorted into one huge folder or separate user-specific folders.

No matter where you save your images, they can be found directly from your stock Gallery application. And from there, you can view all those images you were never supposed to see for more than a few seconds. You sneaky person, you...

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