How To: Root Your Samsung Galaxy Note 3 in One Easy Click Using Windows

Root Your Samsung Galaxy Note 3 in One Easy Click Using Windows

In order to unleash the full potential of your Samsung Galaxy Note 3, you've got to root it. These days, it's easier than ever, and can be done by just plugging your device into a Windows computer and pressing one button. It's so easy, your grandmother could do it, so what's stopping you?

After you root, make sure to follow our guides to enhance your Note 3 experience by putting data speeds in your status bar, adding your favorite apps to the Pen Window, and more. You can also check out root hacks and Xposed mods on Galaxy Note 2 softModder, most of which will work on your Note 3.

To make rooting even easier on you, I'm going to lay out the whole procedure right here. Even though it's a one-click rooting process, there is some initial legwork involved, like backing up and installing the one-click Kingo software on your Windows PC.

Update: There is a new root method available, and it's easier than ever—no cords, no computers. All you need is one app and you'll be rooted in less than a minute. Check out the guide here.

This method will work for Android 4.3 and above.

Step 1: Back Up (Optional)

As a precaution, back up your entire device with the Samsung Kies software in case anything goes wrong with the rooting process.

Step 2: Check Your USB Cable

Be aware that the most common occurrences of failed rooting attempts stem from a frayed or disconnected USB cable and a low battery, so make sure your cable is firmly connected and you have at least 50 percent battery remaining before continuing.

Step 3: Enable USB Debugging

In addition to checking your USB cable and power, head over to Settings -> General -> Developer options and check USB debugging so that your phone can connect properly to your computer.

If you don't have any Developer options, head to Settings -> General -> About device and tap 7 times on Build Number in order to unlock Developer options.

Step 4: Install Kingo on Your PC

Now download the Kingo software onto your Windows computer, run the Android_Root.exe file, and follow all of the instructions in order to successfully install it on your Windows computer.

Step 5: Root with Kingo

Once installed, open up Kingo and connect your device, which the application will recognize instantly, giving you the device name and model number. You'll see a few notes about the root process, as well as your root status in the upper left-hand corner.

Once you're ready to root your Note 3, click on the big, bad ROOT button. The program will then begin working its magic, with the entire process taking about five minutes in all.

Step 6: Install MtkCamera on Your Note 3

During the rooting process, your device will automatically ask you to install an application called MtkCamera, which is the exploit used to gain root access through the processor.

Make sure "I understand that this app may be dangerous" is checked and hit the Install button to proceed. Don't worry, this file is totally safe and absolutely necessary to root.

Your device will now reboot.

Step 7: Verify Root Status

When your Note 3 reboots the process is complete, and Kingo will say on your PC that root was successful. You should now see the SuperSU app on your device, which grants permissions to applications that require root access.

Additionally, you can download Root Checker for free from Google Play to verify your newly rooted status.

Okay, so all in all, this wasn't exactly "one-click" rooting (it's more like "two-click" because of the MtkCamera exploit, or technically "one-click, one-tap"), but it's way easier than you thought, right?

Step 8: Explore Root-Only Features

Now that you've entered the world of rooted devices, turn off annoying features like persistent notifications, enable hidden features, or revert back to features that you miss. And of course, now all of the cool Xposed mods that you've been hearing about are at your fingertips. Enjoy.

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Does this work with the Samsung Galaxy S III phone?

That depends—what model number is your S3? Go to Setting -> About Phone to check.

Does not support Galaxy Note 3 SM-N900V

I'm glad I checked back. It is a SGH-I747. AT&T, if it matters.

Our guide here should work for ya.

Thanks! I'll give it a shot. WonderHowTo is my new favorite blog.

What's the exact model number? You can check in Setting -> About Device.

Want to know whether will this work for AT&T note 3, with kitkat 4.4.2. Thanks

Under step 7 Note 2. I thought this is for the Note 3.

Will it work for SM-N900A?

Also, whats the status of this with the samsung 4.4.2 (Kit-kat) update?

As of yet no, but they're working on it.

from my understanding Kingo will not root a device on KitKat and the support team at Kingo stated it is currently not supported. so if you are still on jellybean, it should still work. it wont if you were stupid enough like me to update to kitkat

Will using this method trip Knox?

It will NOT trip according to XDA.

Doesn't work for my SM-N9005. The phone has no problems connecting to my laptop as a USB device (even before I enabled USB debugging), but the downloading device driver doesn't work.

how can i install cyanogenmod after rooting on galaxy note 3

galaxynote3 google it, theres a website, you can find all kinds of roms, load them, onto your phone via usb cord , then flash them, if you dont know how to properly flash, you will brick your phone, if you dont know what im saying, dont do it! im not responsible for you making a 300 paper weight

Will it work on N900W8?

If it doesn't work is there a way to undo it?

Is it work on Note 3 kitkat 4.4.2....?

Do not use on KitKat. It put my Note 3 into a recovery boot loop. I could not stop it no matter what I did, waste of a perfectly good phone!

Hello, did you find a way to recover your phone? I didn't see your comment until my phone was already cycling. Help please if anyone can? :-(

Hey guys, I was just in your situation. Nothing seemed to work. Finally what work for me was to Flash the Stock ROM for your specific device (Sprint, AT&T,...) USING ODIN. The file that worked for me was about 1.41GB in size if that helps.. If that worked, Vote Up & Return the favor to others in similar problem.

Not working on the N900P either. Very disappointing. Any ideas?

sm n900a will not work, im very sad about this, im getting a fail with every method, running 4.4.2 on the att network, debugged and allowing unknown sources, its not causing a brick, its failing within the frist few seconds, what to do? help, or a link would be apprecaited, shit id even pay at this point, i need it rooted for work

Tried it now phone stuck on recovery booting page don't know what to do please help

I wonder is there an app to silent samsung gear 2 camera

OK... so, this post is for the Galaxy Note 3. Reading the comments, it DOES NOT WORK on SM900A, SM900p, or SM900V. What exactly will it work on? ALSO - how about answering if KNOX is tripped? Thanks.

Thanks. It works like a charm

Can someone please tell me if this will work on Note 3 SM-900T?

on 4.3 and above...

Umm, how about you update this article with whether or not it's working on the latest VZW 4.4.2 update. Pretty sure Kingo cannot root this device with the latest update.

yes it does work on 4.3 and up for galaxy note 3 on verizon you have to installed an older version of kingo verision worked perfect for me version 2 dont work at all just hope it helps you

will this work on previously rooted note 3 n9005?



Hey, I've done the root using Kingo software and it was rooted successfully n restarted my Galaxy Note 3. But in the start-up its restarting

Set Warranty Bit : recovery"
What the hell is this?
Is it a hardware issue or software issue?
Whats the solutions for that?

how do you do it?? i cant download the app..

I'm trying to root the note 3 and i keep getting an error message saying ROOT FAILED! ConnectionUnstabitil
Any help would be appreciated

same thing dude.. some tips please..

I was curious if this method would leave all my information like pics, music, etc on the phone. It looks like other methods like Odin erase all data.


Till I made it one message appear Downloading... Do not turn off target Can you help me please?

This method put my phone in a bootloop not sure what to do, the thing dosent even let me do a master reset. Thanks alot

This is an older method so that can explain the boot loop. Do you need instructions on restoring the Note 3?

yea that would be great. Please

yea that would be great. Please

Mine went into a boot loop. I had to hold Home+Vol Down and Power on and then choose cancel to boot normally. Turns out it didn't work for my phone.

Figured out how to get out of the infinate boot loop. Pull the battery and disconnect usb then put the battery back in while holding home + vol down + power. Then click vol down to reboot normally.

Fantastic. Won't re-boot anymore. Frozen forever with a big SAMSUNG on the screen.

Figured out how to get out of the infinate boot loop. Pull the battery and disconnect usb then put the battery back in while holding home + vol down + power. Then click vol down to reboot normally.

I too am in loop can you help me

Figured out how to get out of the infinate boot loop. Pull the battery and disconnect usb then put the battery back in while holding home + vol down + power. Then click vol down to reboot normally.

Figured out how to get out of the infinate boot loop. Pull the battery and disconnect usb then put the battery back in while holding home + vol down + power. Then click vol down to reboot normally.

Samsung Note 3 - Model SM-N9005 - Android Version 4.4.2 - is it work for this device? and it's possible to remove after i rooted.

after rooting note 3 does samsun knox app works?


Anyone know if this works for sn900 on bell if so how do I debugging I cannot find it anywhere

well.. im trying to download the app for note3 n9006.. cant download it..

any suggestions??

im on a Samsung note 3 4.4.2
it came up with root fail and time a message.

My note 3 has a andriod shown on it with downloading written under it and message saying "Do Not turn off target!!"

Kingo root is back on home screen with my device detected showing in Odin mode

I'm in the UK and I have the note 3 SM-N9005,rooted.... I don't know what your talking about regard ATM's an verizon or T-mobile etc.... And therefore don't know which system restore recovery to use.... Speak plain and simple so we can check what model we have and what best way to use or try it.... Therefore I'm skeptical to try this great mod incase I mess up my phone

This worked like a charm on my gf's SM-N900T, Android 4.4.2 (T-mobile) although it didn't ask to install the MtkCamera exploit.

Does it work on note 3 sm-n900?

This stopped in the middle saying 'Timed out'
I am not able to recover my phone using Kies..
Please help me

Anybody did this on a att SAMSUNG galaxy s5 sm-g900a yet

Will this WORK on a samsung galaxy s5 sm-g900a

SM-900T Got stuck in a loop. Unplugged battery . Held Home/Volume down/power and volume down again to reboot normally. Kingo said it successfully rooted though. You'd think it would boot normally. I started sweating after Kingo took over 10 minutes. Yet after rebooting and checking the status of root. Didn't work. I'm going to try GeoHots apk next. Always read the comments before proceeding. The begining of this article is a little misleading and makes it sound so easy.. No one wants a 700$ brick

Just tried to root a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 with Kingo. It didn't install an application called MtkCamera, as described in the article. Instead, it installed something called diaggetroot. The device asked if I'm really willing to install this dangerous app, which I confirmed. After that it said: "Unfortunately, diaggetroot has stopped." After another while, in which nothing else happened, the device rebooted. I did this three times and still have an unrooted device. Well, ...

i've tried to root my phone and now it's stuck on the odin screen "do not turn off target!!" and i dont know what to do :( pls help me :(

never mind that :) turned it off and back on and now it works :)
i will never try it again on my own!

The Kingo app is not compatible with the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 (Verizon) SM-N900V model number using KITKAT 4.4.4

Tengo la noté 3 de t&t la 4.4.2 n900A no puedo pasar wifi y lo quiero rootear. Que puedo acer.

doesnt work on sprint note 3 kitkat 4.4.4
i had to do a cf auto root method
and if you dont disable Knox with SU it wont void your warranty

For me the best rooting application is androidroot. It makes my phone more accessible, fast and safe for my device.

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