How To: Root ANY Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Variant in Just One Easy Click

Root ANY Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Variant in Just One Easy Click

AT&T and Verizon customers, it's finally happened. After many long months of waiting, and a fairly significant bounty up for grabs, your Galaxy Note 3s can finally be rooted! Best of all, it may be the simplest method for achieving root we've ever encountered.

Towelroot is the method, and it's brought to us by none other than famed hacker geohot, known for being the first to jailbreak an iPhone and hack the PlayStation 3. And trust me when I say it's easy, because once you have the app, you'll be rooted in less than thirty seconds. Yup, no USB cables, no PCs...just one quick download and the tap of a button.

Note that the video above from Dallas is showcasing the Samsung Galaxy S5, but the steps will be exactly the same for any variant of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, as well as other Android devices (except for HTC and Motorola, for now). For a detailed explanation of how this exploit came to be, and what it actually does to gain root privileges, check out the full article by Dallas for a full breakdown.

Step 1: Download TowelRoot

Go to the Towelroot homepage on your Android device and click on the lambda symbol to download the app.

Step 2: Install the APK

Next, make sure installation from "Unknown sources" is checked in Settings -> General -> Security -> Device administration, then tap on the APK file to install Towelroot.

Be sure to check the box for I understand this app may be dangerous, then click Open once the app has been installed.

Step 3: Rooting Is One Click Away!

When Towelroot launches, all you have to do is click the make it ra1n button, and the process will be initiated—your Note 3 will automatically reboot, and when back up, will be rooted.

Step 4: Install SuperSU

You're rooted, but susceptible to malicious apps taking advantage without your permission. To alleviate that, head to the Google Play Store to install Chainfire's SuperSU.

After installation, launch SuperSU, allow it to update, then you'll see an option to disable KNOX. This is entirely up to you—Towelroot does not trigger KNOX modification, but letting SuperSU try to disable it will.

Your Galaxy Note 3 has been easily rooted with Towelroot. Now you're free to download, install, and use apps that require root. Let us know if it worked for your in the comments below.

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Can anyone confirm if device encryption can still be used after root ?

Will this root work with. verizon note3 4.4.2

Should work just fine???? Has anyone tried it yet?

So I tried it last night and again this morning and it tells me "This phone isn't currently supported". It's a Verizon Note 3 4.4.2 SM-N900V N900VVRUCNC4 Any ideas?

I re-downloaded it and tried it and it worked! I'm good now! Thank you for the input!

Mine says the same thing. I tried reinstalling. Didn't work. Note 3 4.4.2 SM-N9005

Thanks much, I am now rooted the easy way!!!!

Would i be able to change roms on the device?

Depends on your carrier. To change ROMs, you need a custom recovery. To get a custom recovery, you need to unlock your bootloader.

If you have AT&T or Verizon, that is not currently possible.

Couldn't get it to do anything. I have a Sprint Note 3 and want to use my ATT sim card. Is this possible with a Sprint phone?

AT&T and Sprint use completely different types of networks, so unfortunately that will not work.

Basically, Sprint and Verizon use one type of network (CDMA), while AT&T, T-Mobile, and most of the world use another (called GSM).

This method works great!! I did it on Samsung GALAXY Note 3 N900 4.4.2 Verizon and have had no problem!

It takes ages to disable knox

It worked just as simple as you instructed, thanks for the info!

Only difference I noticed is after installing the apk file it said no reboot required. In fact, before installing it, it said if the phone reboots then root did not work.

If i root my phone like that will it also unlock the SIM?

Thanks for this. I followed all the steps and my phone appears to be working just fine. The only thing I noticed is the very last step in the video shows the Note 3 Device Status shows "Official". The Device Status on my phone shows "Custom". Is there any reason for this?

Note 3

That could be from rooting it in the past, was this this first time?

Yes, this was the first time. But everything reverted back with the latest update and now I can no longer root.

How long would it take Super SU to disable KNOX?

IT can take quite a while. It's also possible that it's hanging, so you can press-and-hold the power button until your phone reboots.

Hi there, I've got a galaxy note3 sm-n 0095 on T mobile and try to root it with towelroot. The message I'm getting is "this phone isn't currently supported"!!! Any saggeestions?? Regards, George

T-Mobile issued updates to their devices, which made Towelroot incompatible. When the app is updated, we'll let you know.

I use sm-n900 note 3.i tried this procedure but it says my device is not supported

Any new news on the T-Mobile version. Tells me the device is not supported.

I know that the T-Mobile version has yet to be supported.

mine is a samsung galaxy note 3 sm-n9005 .without rooting can i change settings ??? as my phone is not working for call recording apps !!! is there any solution without losing original os??

Just tried on my new Sprint Galaxy S5 Sport, and I got the "This phone isn't currently supported" error.

Kernel is 3.4.0-2113914

FYI...posted on XDA site a couple of weeks ago.

" Towelroot used a specific exploit in kernels dated before June 5. Any updates after June 3 patched the exploit. There is nothing the dev can update in towelroot to make it work since the exploit has been closed."

Dear, how to unroot phone again? It is possible?

In SuperSU, tap Settings -> Full unroot.

Is it necessary to disable Knox? If so, will disabling make my phone show up as having been rooted even if I unroot?

I always disable Knox. Don't worry about your phone showing up as rooted.

Is it not an issue? Sorry for my questions, just need to know before I do this, as I want to make sure I don't screw myself out of warranty should anything happen.

I am sorry, I am very new at this, have wanted to Root my Note3 since all this AT&T bloat wear started ruining my battery. This worked, Root checker said yes. However, what comes after this? What can I do after this? Everytime I tried to download a custom ROM I had to download another app. Geeze. Can you lay it out there for me and other newbies not up with the "lingo" haha. What comes next................

thank you :)

is that root method removes completely Knox? Because from what I know, removing knox also removes your warranty...

If u use the root app. Can u then use ur phone as a hot spot? Please let me know. Thanjs

Eney one tell me how tu root not 3

This is probably a dumb question but does any one know if you need to unlock your bootloader before you do this?

it doesn't work om my T-mobile (Note 3)

this phone isn't currently supported

thats what it says on mine did you get it fixed??

Wow I've rooted and performed the jailbreak on many devices some for myself some for others and wow I thought jailbreaking was easy this was amazing seriously a 30 second total process from download to install to root and also if it's done right you do not need to reboot. Thank you very much for supplying this Good and WonderHowTo!!

Verizon 4G LTE
Samsung Galaxy Note 3 SM-N 9000 Octa

Hmmm, is anyone else having trouble getting it to download?

Hi, Did anyone try this on note 3 Verizon 4.3.3 Jelly Bean? Mine is stuck once i click the magic button on the app. I did try and restart and then try again, but the phone freezes again. Any help would be much appreciated.


Towelroot app is showing that This phone isn't currently supported. Please help. I want to root my Note 3.

Towel rote app. When i start the proces The fone IS curentle suported? What nov?

Hoping for an update for my T mobile Note 3

After i install thw towleroot u told i hit the option ra1n but after dat its like an error comes "u device is not supported " plz help me asap wtng for ur reply

I am trying to install Towelroot on my Note 3 (AT&T, Android4.4.2) but when I click on the lambda symbol all I get are endless pop-ups. Can anyone please explain or assist with this issue? Thank you all inadvance

Yes, it the developers way of discouraging use on mobile devices...not sure why, but that's the state of things at the moment.

You can get around that by requesting the desktop version of the site (if using Chrome, hit the 3-dot menu option). Or just download to your computer and transfer/email/push it to your device.

I have a T-Mobile galaxy note 3 and it says it's not supported. Cana any one help me please.

Worked flawless on my tmobile note 3

I have a note 3 mega and it says it is not currently supported when I try to root it.

I have the 900A on Kitkat 4.4.4 and the above does not work. It worked flawlessly when I had Kitkat 4.4.2. Can anyone help?

Same here, I have Updated to 4.4.4 on my international Snapdragon Note 3, And towelroot don't work

I'm having the same "not supported" with my AT&T Samsung Galaxy Note 3 (version 4.4.4). I'm thinking it's because of the fairly recent update from 4.4.2 to the 4.4.4 is the reason, so I'm wondering when the app will include the new version. Very soon I hope!

I have a Samsung galaxy note 3 4.4.2 and it says not supported

Same problem here... N9005 Android version 4.4.2 (recently updated) and it says "This phone isn't currently supported"

will this work for my phone? it was originally through t-mobile but then i unlocked it and is now using an at&t sim card. will this root work in this situation?

I tried running the above and it says "phone isn't currently supported"
Samsung note3, SM-N9005, Android 4.4.2. kernel 3.4.0-3215177
Build KOT49H.N9005DXUGNK1. Any ideas ?

I guess they aren't monitoring this page any more. Really sad too.

Nu functioneaza pe note 3 version android 4.4.2 .
Help :(

As of June 3, 2014, the exploit that Towel Root used to rot the phone was patched, so if your kernel is sated June 3, 2014 or later (Settings/General/About device/Kernel), it won't work. There's no later root method that works like Towel Root. Let's just hope that the developer, Geohot, comes up with something.

on the 'make it rain' page i clicked the button but it said " this phone isnt currently supported" ??

Will it work on a tmobile samsung galaxy note 3

I have a T-Mobile Galaxy Note 3 with Lollipop, when I run the Towel Root, it says the phone is not supported. What do I do?

Towelroot APK will not install on Samsung Galaxy Note 3 using Lollipop 5.0 from Verizon.

it installs fine on my 5.0 lollipop Verizon. it says my phone is not supported. Do you think you will be able to get it to support my phone? Thank you!

Hi,when i try to enter "make it ra1n"
It pop out saying that this phone isnt currently supported. :(
Please advise me on what is next then.
Thanks in advance.

I have a Verizon Samsung note3, SM-N900V, Android 5. kernel 3.4.0, Build LRX21V.N900VVRUEOB6. I've tried to download the towelroot apk file three times now and keep getting 'download failed'.

Is this an issue with my phone, my wifi network, or the site?

I don't know if u finally got it to download but I have note 3,T mobile 5.0 and towelroot, kingroot none of the one clicks will work!!!

Can someone tell me why towelroot won't work on my t-mobile note 3 android 5.0?

Does not work with Note 3 (ATT) on 5.0 please update

does not work with singtel Sg N9005 note 3 with Android 5.0. shows phone is currently not supported. can help me anyone? I've been wanting to root my note 3 without a Windows but without solutions

I have note 3 sm 9005 with loolypop 5.0 but it says that this device isnt suported plz tell me the solution thanks

I've tried to root my phone by towelroot and it comes up either v2 or v3 at the end of towelroot above make it rain but when I press make it rain it says your phone is not currently supported. Now I did it two days ago and it worked. I tried to play Need for Speed No Limits to get free gold and cars but the keeps freezing. I deleted towelroot and I'm trying to put it on again and it won't work. Why?

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