How To: Automatically Save Snapchats onto Your Samsung Galaxy Note 2

Automatically Save Snapchats onto Your Samsung Galaxy Note 2

Snapchat's self-destructing nature is the perfect way to send funny and potentially embarrassing photos and videos (something Anthony Weiner wishes he knew about). That's why there are currently 150 million Snapchats sent each day. While it may be used for fun, many fail to recognize that there's a dark side to every good thing.

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While Snapchat claims that the pictures and videos on their application are completely obliterated—not only from the phone, but from the Snapchat server—there are others that claim the pictures are not deleted.

While there's a chance that the pictures and videos are stashed away deep inside the phone's data cache, it's not very easy to find them and save them onto your computer. I did recently cover a way to download snapchats onto your computer from an iPhone, but that method requires that you not watch the Snapchats to begin with.

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You can, of course, take screenshots, but you might not be fast enough in the draw—not to mention you can't screenshot a video. So, are there any ways to capture a Snapchat that you've already watched?

How to Save Snapchats on Your Android Device

If you have a rooted Samsung Galaxy Note 2 (or other rooted Android device), you can easily save any Snapchat picture or video sent to you using this new "Keepchat" mod from Android developer Sturmen.


  1. Make sure your Note 2 is rooted. If not, check out this guide.
  2. Make sure Unknown Sources is checked in your Security settings.
  3. Download and install the Xposed Framework APK onto your Note 2; newer versions of it can be found regularly updated here. Once installed, launch it and click on "Install/Update."
  4. Reboot.
  5. Install Keepchat and enable it in the Xposed Framework by going to "Modules" and selecting Keepchat.
  6. Reboot.

And that's it. Now, every time you open a new Snapchat, the picture or video will be automatically saved at /sdcard/keepchat/. In order to find this file easily, you'll need to download a file manager like ES File Explorer (it's free).

This mod is definitely going to come in handy for when I have to blackmail someone :)

Do More with Xposed...

Now that you have the Xposed Framework installed on your Samsung Galaxy Note 2, you can do way more than just save Snapchats. Check out our softModder Guide to Xposed Mods for other cool Xposed softMods.

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