How To: Get the Samsung Galaxy Note 5's 'Screen Off Memo' Feature on Older Note Devices

Get the Samsung Galaxy Note 5's 'Screen Off Memo' Feature on Older Note Devices

Ideas can be a fleeting thought, just like a shooting star that appears and disappears within a brief moment. So when you're inspired and have an awesome idea, it's important to jot it down as soon as possible, otherwise it may vanish from your memory for good.

This is why there's a new note-taking feature on the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 that functions with the screen off. That means there's no need to unlock your device. Whenever you have a brilliant idea, just remove the S Pen, jot a quick note down, and save it—it's that easy.

While there's no official talk from Samsung about this particular feature making its way to older Galaxy Note models, it doesn't matter, because today I'll be showing you how to skip the wait and get it on your Samsung Galaxy Note 3 or Samsung Galaxy Note 4 right now.

Step 1: Enable Unknown Sources

The app we'll be using to mimic Samsung's new lock screen note-taking feature is not in the Google Play Store, so you'll need to enable "Unknown sources" in your settings to install the app. Detailed instructions here.

Step 2: Install Screen Off Memo

Famed developer Xperiacle originally created Screen Off Memo for the Galaxy Note 3, but it now also works on the Galaxy Note 4. So if you have either of those devices, download the APK below and install like any other APK file.

Once installed, as per the developer, "run at least once from the app drawer so the app will be registered for the broadcast action when S Pen is detached."

Step 3: Enable Device Administrator

After running the app once, head into Settings -> Security -> Device administrators and make sure to check Screen Off Memo. This will allow the app to lock your screen again once you've placed the S Pen back in its slot.

Step 4: Try It Out

With your device's display off, take out your S Pen and it should automatically bring up the Screen Off Memo app. It's designed with the basic tools you'll need, like an eraser, a new page option, and a saving function. All of your notes or memos will saved within the S Note app on your device.

For questions, update information, or development news, make sure to keep up with the developer's thread on XDA. He's planning some new features to add, along with support for more devices, so stay tuned.

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I don't think this app is worth the risk of enabling 'Device Admin
for it. I expect Samsung to add it to upcoming Lollipop/Mashmallow upgrades.

Yes, yes, YES!!!!!

My husband has been gloating with his new Note 5, writing little notes on his lock screen like "Don't you wish you had this??"

On a whim, I searched for something that would "turn my Note 4 into a Note 5" and came across your article/vid.

This app ROCKS!

He recently came over to me and showed me a lock screen note that read "Ha, Ha....look what I've got going on..."

And I showed him mine..........(can't repeat what I wrote!)
Love him, love you and love this app. Thank you!

I hear the notes are not saved anymore for this free apk on the note 3? But it does work when you purchase this app? Is that true?

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