How To: Carrier Unlock Your Samsung Galaxy S4 So You Can Use Another SIM Card

Carrier Unlock Your Samsung Galaxy S4 So You Can Use Another SIM Card

Unlocking your Samsung Galaxy S4 so you can use a different SIM card isn't the easiest thing in the world. In the states, unlocking cell phones was actually illegal, despite the White House's disapproval, though, a recent bill has making its way to the House floor and has made it legal again.

If you've purchased a GS4 with AT&T, T-Mobile, or another GSM provider on a contract, then your phone is probably locked. While they may be reluctant, most carriers will unlock your device for you, but only if you're leaving the country or if your contract is up.

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How fair is that? If you're really desperate to pop another SIM card in there and don't want to wait, you could shell out a few bucks at your local sketchy-looking prepaid store or online, but why pay when you can do it for free?

How to Carrier Unlock Your Samsung Galaxy S4

With this softModder tutorial, we're going to show you how to quickly and easily unlock your Samsung Galaxy S4, models GT-I9505 and GT-I9500. If you have a different model, check out the note at the bottom of this article. If you have a Galaxy S3, check out this tutorial for help.


Before you start, make sure your device is backed up. Messing around with SIM carrier stuff can be risky, so you never know. It might explode. Not our fault.

Step 1: Dial the Secret Number

Launch the phone dialer and enter *#27663368378#, but DO NOT press call. The phone will automatically take you to the ServiceMode menu.

Step 2: If That Code Fails...

In case *#27663368378# doesn't do anything on your model, try entering *#0011# instead.

This will take you to the basic information section of ServiceMode.

From there, press the Menu button on your device and then the Back key in the menu—not your phone's menu key.

Tap on the Menu button again, but this time press Key Input.

Enter 1 and press OK.

Wow. A lot harder, right?

Step 3: Select Debug Screen

You should now be at UMTS MAIN MENU in ServiceMode. Select [1] DEBUG SCREEN.

Step 4: Select Phone Control

At the DEBUG SCREEN, you'll see six options. Select [6] PHONE CONTROL.

Step 5: Select Network Lock

From the Phone Control screen, select [6] NETWORK LOCK.

Step 6: Select Perso Off

On the next page, you should see three options. Select [3] PERSO SHA256 OFF.

Step 7: Go Back to Main Menu

Now, head back to the Main Menu by tapping on the Menu button and then the Back key (from the menu).

Step 8: Select Common

On the UMTS MAIN MENU, select [6] COMMON.

Step 9: Select NV Rebuild

Now, tap on [6] NV REBUILD.

Step 10: Restore Back Up & Reboot

Finally, the phone will notify you that a Golden-Backup exists. Select [4] Restore Back-up.

Your Galaxy S4 will now reboot automatically, which might take a few minutes. Once it's back on, the network will be unlocked, allowing you to use any SIM card that will work in your model phone.

You're welcome.

For SGH-M919, SGH-1337, & SGH-1337M Models

While the above process is supposed to work for most Samsung Galaxy S4s, there was trouble accessing the UMTS MAIN MENU with our Galaxy S4 (SGH-1337). If you got it to work or know of another way to access the menu, let us know how.

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I'm in Thailand currently and tried this with the 1337, worked great for me, thank you. Just followed the steps.

Really, mine is T mobile, but couldnt enter the main menu after typing in 1, wonder why? xx

I have Samsung galaxy s4 SPRINT.Can i use this Method to unlock it to T-Mobile..Please tell me.Thanks

mine is T mobile, but couldnt enter the main menu after typing in 1, wonder why? xx

mine too. after typing 1.

Software update disabled this from working

Mine too what do we have to do help please

Did this work for you because im trying to unlock my sprint s4 so I can use tmobile sim card.

I followed the steup but does not work with me gs4 t-mobile usa carrier . When i press persto off its appeared no changed.

Did you use another carriers sim card and check?

Wow great, I did simillar steps sometime back for my ATT S4 it did not work. but it worked now. I think today I created a back up and restored again. Great Great

Do this works on galaxy s3 mini? if not can you guys tell me a way?

Already tried around 10x and still failed. mine is at&t. Any help. I just bought it 4 days ago. Thx

It seems that AT&T fixed this hack with their newest update. Only way you can do it is to downgrade to old JB version or wait until someone comes up with new hack.

I tried AT&T and didn't work.

Thxs for the great tutorial, I have a SGH-1337M and it worked flawless.

Does it delete all the data from phone too? should I backup my data before trying it?

mine says Golden-Backup not exist, you can not use restore backup
This came from a SPRINT carrier... I have AT&T

Check this thread out... Haven't tried it myself... You have been warned... Check the FAQ's your question is right there :).

i cant go to UMTS MAIN MENU after entering 1 and ok....
any solution???

Sounds like you have a newer AT&T GS4. Sadly there's no solution yet as AT&T has blocked the menu. We'll post here when we come up with a work around.

Dialing this code asterisk#197328640# takes to the debug screen, sadly it doesn't show all of the options.

same as me i cant get to the second menu

I have a Galaxy S4 SPHL720BKK from but has sprint behind the battery. I am overseas. can someone help me to unlock it???? PLEASE

I need help please

Hi, I registered just to thank the OP. Thank you!

I have a T-Mobile SGH-M919 rooted with a wicked rom V4.

TMO will not provide a code for a phone unless its paid in full + they have a ton of other rules. I was expecting to pay a few dollars to unlock this sucker but its no blackberry - $ 50 is the average cost, yikes

Came across this thread on the XDA site but it said the awful words 'stock rom' and there is no way I am going back to that.

Came across this post, did it in < 5 min, inserted a ATT sim and Voila found the network in a few moments and I was golden.

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

i know this is 3 years old but how did you get to the 2nd menu on a tmobile sgh-m1919?

i hope some1 can help me i got my s4 i9505 yesterday an i have tried this way about 10 times an it doesnt work im in the uk and my phone is on o2 but need it on voda please please help

Try watch this video on "How to Fix a Galaxy S4 That Won't Accept Unlock Codes After Trying the Free Unlock Method".

??? Got to "Service Mode" with #0011# but after entering "1" and then "key input" all I get is "NO SERVICE" ... Any addtional thought ... Can I use any SIM card or do I need a specific SIM card & does the SIM card need to be active ???

did you get any solution? i have the same issue. Thanks

i didn't find anything either I am having the same issue

hi you sorry i can not get it to work on me gt19505 can you help

So, how do I reverse this on Sprint?
Unfortunately I didn't write down my old settings and since doing it, it's causing havoc on my signal and connectivity.


can this work on my galaxy s4 sprint device? i want to use a sim for digicel jamaica

??? Got to "Service Mode" with #0011# but after entering "1" and then "key input" all I get is "NO SERVICE" ... Any addtional thought ... Can I use any SIM card or do I need a specific SIM card & does the SIM card need to be active ???

I press #0011# but after entering 1 it says Menu not exist press back key
Current command is 111
Please help

same problem, have you fixed it?

i have a problem DRM licenses
how can i do?
Pls Help

Is there a way to check to see if this worked? Or if the phone restarts, it means that it worked?

What about US Cellular model SCH-R970? It has the sim card slot. Will this work for that one?

On my us cellular phone I had to dial #22745927 into the keypad
then click hidden menu disabled
then click enable
then click OK, then dial the
I have the SCH-R970.

Can you walk me through unlocking that model SCH-R970 us cellular please or could you not do it either?

Did you find out how to unlock your S4 with US Cellular image on it?

mine didn't work using this code I got a us cellular gs3 and cant get it unlocked

I have a US cellular Samsung S4 Model SCHR970, were you successful in unlocking your device? I bought the phone outright from someone but the US Cellular image is on it. US cellular wont unlock it for me as of yet (or as of last time I checked).

Well, its October 31, US Cellular is now unlocking the Galaxy S4 model SCH-R970. They said to bring it in or you can google it and get the unlock process.

Hi, i too have us cellular s4 sch970 phone. How did they unlock it? I can't find it anywhere.

Are You Sure? Because I Have The Same Samsung Galaxy S4 U.S. Cellular R970, &&' No Codes Work For My Phone, I Don't Think It Can Be Unlocked'??.

when i do all this and press 1 the screen just stays on the same it does not bring me to Step 3...please help

can i still do this even tho my service is off?? When I entered the secret code all it said was no service. I may have to take it to a store for them to do it. Im just mad because this looks so easy... HELP

have a galaxy s4 tried the tuturial but didn't work is it because i dont have original atat sim

It works also without sim inserted, just downgrade fw and it will work

does this method work with Verizon being the carrier..

Sadly, no. You can't carrier unlock a CDMA GS4 (Verizon and Sprint use CDMA instead of GSM).

I want to unlock at ATT samsung S4 and use with Verizon.....Is this possible? and If so do i just follow the above steps?

Verizon uses CDMA for its networks...
At&t built it around GSM so sadly... It probably won't work ...unless you are extremely lucky :) no hurt in trying

did you ever figure this out? I want to do the same thing... I hate using AT&T at this point.

how can i un-lock galaxy s4 GT-I9505 CARRIER IS EE UK NETWORK


Will this work on galaxy s4 from sprint?

I think this is right. Sprint and Verizon are cdma. You can't unlock cdma phone to work with other carriers. ATT and T-Mobile are GSM which unlocked can we used on other networks. So unlocking only works for phones on GSM. The problem is fervency. GSM phone run on the same MHz frequency and CDMA phones run on independent frequencies. If that makes since.

Wont work for sprint or Verizon. :(

I am running sgh-1337M and I was able to get into the menu but it is different. My debug selection is 7 not one and the settings in the debug section are different.. Any updates?

Fkn thing is annoying

This work for my galaxy s4 from sprint??? This method is for galaxy s4 from sprint to

I have the same problem as some of the previous people. I entered "1" but it pretty much just refreshes the screen. Has anyone found a fix yet?

i have the t-mobile m919 and followed all the steps and it seemed to work. it rebooted but when i then took out the t-mobile sim and inserted an at&t prepaid gophone sim i just purchased, the screen showed "sim network unlock pin" with the options to unlock or dismiss. what is the code i need to enter here? i tried just dismissing it and it said invalid sim when i tried to make a call. any help would be appreciated!

Hi Jason and other,

my name is Ana and I've the same problem with my phone SGH-M919. Did u or anyone find out how the sim card can work? I try many code and didnt work.

I'll appreciated ur help.
thank you


Oops I guess the unlock didn't work for you two.... You are going to have to buy an unlock code probably.... ;( I'm no expert but I know what I'm doing :)

Do I have to use the same carrier SIM first to enable the dialing option of the phone? as when I used another carrier SIM on locked phone it displays error and i couldn't even use the dial option to enter the code

bro help me out i got all numbers right but still nut wking

Hello iam trying to unlock a samsung galaxyy s4 i have from sprint. The model is a sph l720. Please let me know thanks

I have a GT-19500 GSM. Can you please tell if its possible to get this phone to work with Verizon CDMA? I am located in USA and the guys at Best Buy told me sense my phone was a unlocked model it would work with Verizon. But after several attempts could not make it happen. So even though I have a plan with Verizon I got At&T pre pay for now until I could hopefully resolve my dilemma. Seeing this post gives me hope... Please advise??? Thank you for your time.

You probably can't use a gsm on cdma

Hi there I live in U.K and tried ur above steps to unlocking new samsung s4 branded and locked to 02 contract sim trying to unlock to use any network..goy stuck wen entered 1 as I c others have same problem. Cna you advise y the next screen wont come up...cld it be my phone has been upgraded b4 being sent too And if no option but toopaywho do u reccommend for me in U.K.....kinda need done soon cheers for any help

Anyone have any idea why when I press the Menu button it took me back to my Home Screen instead of proceeding to the next level shown above..??

I have a Samsung s4 model sch 1545 with Verizon any ideas on how to unlock this phone because none of the codes worked. I got a message from Samsung that I am trying to access an unauthorized area in my phone. Any suggestions please.

Alicia, I have the same phone (Verizon Samsung Galaxy S4 SCH I54) too and want to unlock it. How did you make out. Were you able to unlock it?

m planning to buy a phone from US n may b will use it in India will this work for tht............??

Got a verizon galaxy s4, can I use this method to unlock and use my t mobile SIM card.

Does the same method apply on unlocking Note 3? Please reply

Can i ask something if you know ! i wanna buy a galaxy s4 from romania but it is locked ! i am from greece its gonna unlock with this way ?

Has anyone been successful in Unlocking the GS4 from Sprint?

I have an S4 which is locked by ORANGE UK,it does not go to UMTS Menu after 'key input' 1. Can anybody please help me how to take it to UMTS menu in Service mode???


Won't work.... Newest update disabled this so You can't get to it
Samsung would lose lots of money if people got this to work so this is their latest attempt to stop people

Hi there i have a galaxy s4 on 3 network could you tell me will this work unlocking my phone has anybody unlocked a s4 on three network please help thank you for your cooperation look forward to hearing from you

Hi I have S4 Active with At&T , can I use the same method ?Please advice

How can I unlock my model SCH-R970 us cellular?

I'm hopeless when it comes to technology and was sure I'd have to ask my husband for help, but thanks to these easy to understand instructions I've just unlocked my galaxy s4! lol Even though my phone is 1337 it worked flawlessly. Thank you!

I tried this...but when I put in the (star)#0011# the next screen says "No Service"...what does that mean?

If you get a message that says no service or after entering the menu via #0011# you get "service: Limited" at the third line from the bottom on the menu page, then you are not going to be able to unlock your phone. It must say "service: available" for this method to work. This is an excellent tutorial but, it does not work for me because I have a gs4 active.

I would like to know if I buy a Samsung Galaxy S4 GT-i9500 or GT-i 9505,
would it work with "Straight Talk AT&T" at the 4G LTE level or not?

I am very confused and would like to purchase a Galaxy S4 unlocked version.

Thank You!

It didn't work for my Verizon galaxy s4. I used both serial numbers

T doesn't work for my Verizon SCH-1545. When I Put THE Serial Number In #27663368378# And #0011# It Didn't Do Nothing

Did you ever figure out how to unlock your Verizon s4 phone?, that's what I'm looking into now, same phone

did you get your phone unlocked i have the same one and im trying it now

I have a sprint samsung galaxy s4 SPH-L720. after entering #0011# it goes to the menu screen indicated I follow the directions but after inputing 1 nothing happens.

The only problem with Sprint phones is that they do not operate on SIM cards that you can swap out. Sprint and Verizon use different networks than the rest of the world.

Sprint GS4 do have SIM CARDS. I have a GS4 from Sprint and it has a SIM CARD in it

i have x tuch x1 model can you send to me unlock code plez

Thanks for the Info ... Works Like a charm on t-mobile S4 I followed all the instruction to the T"

so if it says no service how do you get you unlock your phone?

I just tried this step and thesse steps gotten me further than most I have found so far, unfortunately security changes in J.B 4.3 and 4.4.2 took away steps 4,5,and 6 or maybe they are really hidden. Anyone cracked this yet I need help...

Look. Is does work. You guys have to downgrade the galaxy to 4.1.2 or less. Good lucks on finding the program.

Can a Verizon galaxy s4 (sch-l545) be done this way? I want to go to straight talk service?

Verizon S4 is factory sim unlocked just have to add the APN settings for Straight Talk and volla ur running I have sch-i545 and run straight talk on it.. only downfall is u dont get 4g u get hpsa+ which is faster than 3g but slower than 4g!

I have a T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S4 . In about device , it says my model number is SGH-M919. I successfully went through all the steps and my S4 rebooted. When I inserted my SIM card fro H2O, it says invalid sim card and asks me for a "SIM network unlock PIN"

On my S-G S4 GT-i 9505, entering #0011# it goes to the menu screen indicated I follow the directions but after inputing 1 nothing happens. How do you down grade the firmware ? Or what can be done ?

Can someone plz help on how to unlock a metropcs galaxy s4 SGH-(M919N)

I have a samsung galaxy s4 model sch-1545 from Verizon that had a contract plan but now have no service and want to unlock it and which it to tmobile prepaid. Is it possible????????

hi. i needed some information. i bought samsung galaxy s4 from USA on AT&T from craigslist and got to know that it is locked. when i came back to Pakistan i got it unlocked. now i am going to USA again so i was wondering that would it work with a t mobile sim card? can anyone help please?

it will works on rooted phone?

Having trouble getting to UMTS menu. I seem to be stuck in service mode menu. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thx!

So can I go from att to sprint with this galaxy s4 active

to go back after a NO SERVICE

will this work for the U.S AT&T Galaxy S4 Active?

i have a GH69-17483D Sprint S$ can you help ??

I have a Verizon galaxy s4 without doing any of this I put in a T mobile sim an it seems to be Excepting it but My Verizon service is still Active if I Let the Verizon service get cut off will the phone then lock an not Allow me to use the t mobile sim ???

The screen does not change after "1" key input

Does this work on at&t S4 Kit Kat version?

Will this work on an AT&T Samsung Galaxy S4 Active?

Will this work for s5 as well?

Dialing #0011# does not pull up the menu page is does nothing on my Samsung galaxy s 4 from us cellular... how do u get the menu screen to pull up???

I have a galaxy s4 from us cellular, my screen doesn't do anything after I put a code in someone please help I need to switch my phone to tmobile

I have to comment on this. Someone doesn't have all his information right about GS4 from Sprint. They do have SIM CARDS in them. Mine had a SIM CARD.

My daughter gave me her samsung galaxy s4 sch-1545 but it is verizon and I'm on Cricket. Cricket is telling me I can't use their sim card in a verizon phone. Has anyone done this and will the unlock work?

I have a US Cellular Galaxy S4 (SCH-R970) and it does not respond in any way to any of the codes you provide. I also called US Cellular ad was given an unlock code but it does not work with any of the entries you suggested. If you have any counsel, I would be most appreciative


Have you found anything out about this yet my S4 is almost like yours just with a C at end

Do You Still Know The Code They Gave You'??.?

Okay, I just found out my AT&T SGH-i337 phone is blacklisted. I was wondering if I unlock it will it be usable on Straight Talk. Also is there any way to downgrade my version like with rooting to allow me to access the U- menu?

AT&T SGH-i337 Service Mode Main Menu

  1. *#0011#
  2. Menu > Back
  3. Menu > keyInput "Q"
  4. Menu > keyInput "0000"
  5. Wait for few seconds

:) hope it works...

it worked but crash again in network lock menu. How you know what key input enter?

^^ that worked but I got stuck at step 6 as there is no 3rd option on my screen...any solutions?

super, worked, thankyou very much

but after this should be come 6 options, and as per tutorial we have to select option number 6 , and its not coming with these codes, any how i have to reach this stage using these codes, i am also having i337, can u please help how u done it???

Hi guys my name is manolis and im friom greece..i bought a us cc s4 and i cant get unlock sim so i can use my greek sim..any of this codes do nothing on dial..nothing just stacking there not activate the there any chane to unlock iy..i dont have uscc sim..only my greek one

I did all the steps but my t-mobile samsung galaxy s4 still doesnt read my simplemobile sim card

My phone does not go to the debugged menu it stays on servicemode. What to do to unlock my AT&T galaxy s4

hey man

am also having same issue, it is not taking me to the debug screen it takes me to a very similar screen as before but it does not say debug anywhere a shown in the pics above.

I cannot find any Perso off menu under network lock what to do???

I need help with unlocking my S4, I am in Canada and my device is locked to rogers one of the service providers in Canada.

I have followed the steps above but it somehow does not take me to the debug screen. at step 3 when i press menu and back and then menu again and press key input, it takes me to another screen which is very similar to the previous one but it does not say debug anywhere on that screen. I dont know what wrong am i doing with this.

any help will be appreciated. Thanks in advance

My phone doesn't have the phone control option under the debug menu. Is there any other way I can unlock my phone? Please help!!!

I have a sprint samsung galaxy s4 can anyone help me unlock it and place it on simple mobile?

samsung galaxy gt-i9515 from ksa
how can unlock szim network unlock pin
please let me know
if any one know
i have no money for buy code

I have a Cricket Samsung Galaxy S4 model SCH-R970C and I need someone to help me unlock it. can email me or just comment here plz

I have an S4 with sprint L720 with baseband version L720VPUFNG2..can someone tell me how to unlock it? Thanks

I have a new tmobile S4. can someone please email me the instruction to unlock it?

I wasnt able to get into UMTS menu.When i typed 1 nothing happend,but i did some research and found this thread that helped me get into UMTS menu

After those steps i got back to this page,followed the instructions,and it worked like a charm.
It still didnt let me use *#27663368378#* but i was able to use *#0011# and unlock my phone.

Next week I will get a samsyng s4 but is the mini version so not the s4 as the post .Is sim locked and haves just 5 month I hope they have not update firmware.The carrier is 3 in Austria so my questions are two just woundering to dont brick it :P 1)Is that way to unlock it works olso with Samsung galaxy s4 mini? 2)Witch is the firmware that will support that way to unlock it I meane with firmware I must have to get all that menus like I see in shots? 3)There is something else I must check before bening to do anyhting?

Thanks Claudia

Hi, I come to this post because I can't find an answer. I bought a S4 Active as it where Factory Unlocked, but when I turned On for the first time, i saw that it was rooted. I want 4.4 and can't update cuz of root. I did the same steps and after I press 1 for going to the UMTS MAIN MENU, I can't. I saw comments that it was because it was blocked, so it I had to flash it but not sure if it will work or not. I would like to know if I could do it with the S4 method. Thanks

menu (back button)
menu (key input)
enter "1"
menu (key input)
enter "Q"
menu ( key input )
enter "0000"
then follow step 3 and so on

should i have my att sim card in or the new one for tmobile?

Please help I just bought a samsung galaxy s4 off the streets and now it has a carrier lock code it has verizon on the back please help me unlock it!!!!!!

Hi.. I don't have Perso SHA256 on and off.. :'( what will I do to have that options in my Network lock menu.. Thanks!

Me too. Anyone able to advise me on what to do next? Hannah did you solve this?

Hi,I have a Galaxy S4 (SCH I545) will this work for it? If not can you please tell me how to do this with my phone? Thank you! :)

Hi Summer, I have the same phone. Did you manage to unlock it?

this worked for me
menu back 3xs
then menu key input Q0000
then follow steps above I'm running 4.4.4 on i337 ver nj4

after selecting debug , its asking me to select option number 6 and its not coming , i stuck on option 6, pls help

This worked. Perfect step-by-step directions! !!

I have S4 GT I9505 from France , try to follow theses steps but found The Golden-Backup not exists so can not restore any backup , Any solution ?

dose any know if its works on a samsung gs4 active i537

Neither code works for me ?? some one help

Samsung GS 4 ACTIVE i 537

The unlock process works until I get to PERSO. Help.
How do I get the Perso SHA256 ON and OFF option?

Input 3 got me to menu...then I just clicked the back button until the UMTS menu came up. Hope that helps someone.

i have a verizon galaxy s4 sch-1545 , its the phone i use and she kinda cracked up. a friend gave me a tmobile s4 sgh-m919 so i unlock the verizon phone, correct? what do i need to with the tmobile phone so i can use the sim card in it, and then take a hammer to the verizon phone? please someone help me.

Hey I got to the very last step but once I got there, there was no Person On or Off what should i do if this does not work??

It does work with the SGH-M919. Dial #0011#, Menu back x3. Enter Q0000. You will then get access. I did not get 2nd notice Golden Backup, It worked after the first reboot.

sir,, i have galaxy sm g360h , can this step work with my sm g360h??

unable to unlock my s4 it cant use any other sim and not connected to system
how do i go about dis ?

i have a bell galaxy S4 I337m....trying to unlock it with these steps so that i can use my fido sim card but it doesn't work after typing 1.....please advise if there is anymore steps, numbers, letter to use to get to UMTS menu.


I am having trouble at the network lock where we select 3 for preso off I don't get that option just 1 press info any ideas?

hi you i have a samsung s4 model gt-19505 it on 02 and need it on ee can you halp me to unlock the phone

It worked with cricket but now I can't use the Internet without Wi-Fi anybody know why ????

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