News: Samsung Galaxy S4 Release Dates Leaked for AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon

Samsung Galaxy S4 Release Dates Leaked for AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon

Attention folks—the Samsung Galaxy S4 is coming soon to a cellular provider near you.

Though the official release date for the GS4 here in the states has been closely guarded, a recent leak from a Staples store training document has revealed some possible days that the GS4 could land in your hands—and it's not that far away!

Here's the rundown, but remember, none of these dates have been confirmed by Samsung or any of the providers.

  • AT&T - April 26, 2013
  • T-Mobile - May 1, 2013
  • Verizon - May 30, 2013

You can also start preordering the Samsung Galaxy S IV from AT&T on April 16th. The 32GB model will be $249.99 with a two-year commitment and the 16GB model will be $199.99.

It's also been leaked that Walmart will begin offering preorders for the GS4 on April 16th, though, there is no mention of what carriers it will be. But, it's probably going to be AT&T, since Walmart already has a non-functioning pre-order page live on their site for AT&T versions.

U.S. Cellular also lists April 16th as the preorder date.

UPDATE: All preorder pages are now working for AT&T (white and black versions), Walmart, and U.S. Cellular.

What About Sprint?

Sprint doesn't partner with Staples, so it's no surprise they're not on the list. There is no word yet on a date for Sprint, but rumors speculate that Sprint should get the phone before Verizon's May 30th launch date.

S4 photo by CNET

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