How To: Get the Exclusive Awesome Note App from the Galaxy Note 8.0 on Your Samsung Galaxy Note 2

Get the Exclusive Awesome Note App from the Galaxy Note 8.0 on Your Samsung Galaxy Note 2

According to WitsView, 8-inch displays will rule the tablet scene this year at 11.9% market share, compared to yesteryear's 2.6% market share. By year's end, it'll be almost 18%.

Apple broke the trend for smaller 7-inch tablets with their iPad mini, which is just under 8-inches, and now others are ditching the 7-inch model for a slightly bigger screen size. One of those devices is the newer Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 released last month.

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While the specs of the two tablets are almost identical, the Galaxy Note 8.0 wins, primarily due to the tablet's ability to incorporate both work and play in a fashionable manner.

One of the features that excels in the work aspect is Awesome Note—a premium note-taking app that blows those other Google Play apps out of the water.

The only problem with the application is that you won't find it on Google Play. This is because the app has been made exclusively for the Galaxy Note 8.0—but that's not going to stop me from getting it on my Samsung Galaxy Note 2.

Why can't my device enjoy the same features as his older brother?

The Awesomeness of Awesome Note

Before I actually get into how to download Awesome Note onto your device, I'm going to go through a few of the features that make Awesome Note so awesome.

  • Quick memo
  • Quick calendar notes,
  • Write ideas, diary, travel journal
  • Shopping list
  • To-do list
  • Calender entries
  • Work
  • Study
  • Recipe

Awesome Note lets you make quick notes, each divided into tabs of your choice, which are automatically organized into a built-in-calendar. It's highly customizable; just click on the settings icon and from there you'll be able to change the app background, set a password to lock your notes, backup your note's data, and change tab names.

You're not restricted to just written notes, but also to S-Pen compatible drawings and scribbles. You can make a Quick Memo, which is separate from the calendar and shows up as a pop-up sticky note.

The beautiful interface, all of its features, and its ability to be highly customizable all make Awesome Note the only note application (at least for me).

So how can you download this app onto your device?

How to Download Awesome Note on Your Note 2

Thanks to hobby developer jujuburi, anyone with a Samsung Galaxy Note 2, Samsung Galaxy S3 (or S4), Samsung Galaxy Note, Samsung Galaxy Tab 2, and Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 running Jelly Bean can now enjoy the awesomeness of Awesome Note! It was pretty easy, too, as all he did was extract the system.img file—but we don't have to even do that!

You can install the application directly through your device, just make sure you have Unknown Sources checked in your Security settings.

  • On your device, click either this or this (if one doesn't work, try the other) to download the app.
  • The download will then show up as AwesomeNote.apk. Click the link to open it. If you got a message saying Install Blocked, make sure you really do have Unknown Sources checked in your Security settings!

Once it installs, you should have access to the awesomeness of Awesome Note!

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It crashes everytime when I go into aNote settings..

So far its also working on my Nexus 7

Nice. I might have to give it a try on my N7 too!

FC all the time on my rooted nexus 7 jelly bean 4.2.2..

I just installed it on my good old Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 and it seems to work just great! I can even draw or scribble something, although of course the S-pen won't work (but in this case, a standard capacitive stylus or a finger will do the job all the same).

Thnaks for the tutorial :-)

ok a, I just downloaded the file. And when I click on the download message, it says that the file cannot be opened that it might have been moved. That's a little bit frightful in this case since I turned on developer mode. Any advice?

Just installed it, lovely app thanks for sgaring this How to

Downloaded and tried to install.
I get an error stating could not parse file.
Any suggestions?

What type of device did you try it with?

I got the same error too. Im using Tab 2 7.0.

After downloading can I go back and uncheck unknown sources in settings or does it have to stay checked for app to work?

You can uncheck it after you've used the application, it will still work.

I got the aawesome, from this site, for note for my galaxy note 2, and I absolutely love it. However do anyone know if updates comes? Or how to find out when uptates are available and if one shall download manually?

Yasemin, Denmark

Installed in my Nexus 4 and it sorta works... but I cannot sync. It crashes every time I try to go to the Settings and this message "Unfortunately, aNote HD has stopped." pops up. Nevertheless, great to have the aNote app on my Nexus 4. Thanks!

Down loaded it last night on my note 10.1 and it works great. Happy I can even use it with my s-pen.

Does the app open in full screen? I downloaded on my notes 10.1 and it opened to less than half?

|I've used awesome note on my iphone as my main note taking and reminders app, and it also integrates with the calender. Its a superb bit of software.

So, I have been dieing to get it on my Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1. SO thanks for this info and APK.

However, the android version doesnt seem to sync thru google docs like the iphone version did, so the two arent sync'ed together which makes it useless to me. Which is a shame as it looks awesome on a tablet display!

Any suggestions, or am I missing something?

The second link worked and it's really SIMPLY AWESOME.......
I'm speech less....
Thanks dude.....

Work perfect with my Note 2, the second link worked good. Thanks!

im using this on my note 10.1 and i must say that it is awesome its to bad they dont have this on all the tablets or phones my wife is going to love this app cause if i dont give it to her aswell then i dont get anything from her if you know what i mean

dude hey herman!

you are the man!!! i can now sync w/ my evernote thanks to u giving me the link to the new awesome download...

electronic hugz and kissez from me to u... all day

Im using Tab 2. And it showed Parse Error. Help please..

Herman thanks a million, i love this app.

I downloaded this link to my note 10.1 and it wks but it will not open yo full screen. Its very small and takes less than half the screen. Any suggestions?

Hmm..can you attach a screenshot? Also, have you tried clearing app data and restarting?

I am trying to update from the older version, I have turned off the do not allow any application not from Google, and it still won't complete the installation. Anyone had this problem and solved it?

It downloaded fine and installed But i is only a quarter of the screen size on my Galaxy 10.1 Note. How can i make it full screen? Thanks.

I was able to download this app on my Samsung Note 3 phone and my Samsung Tab 4. The font is so small on my Note 3 that's is unusable. It is larger on my Tab 4 and is doable. Is there any way to sync between my phone (Note 3) and Tab 4?

The calendar is a day off (day early) and I can't find a resolution to this. This would make this app unusable if the calendar isn't correct.

I would love to be able to use this app but ... I guess I'll use Wunderlist until these issues (too small on Note 3 and incorrect calendar) are corrected.

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