News: Specs Leak for the Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Specs Leak for the Samsung Galaxy Note 4

As we approach Samsung's unveiling of the next device in the Galaxy Note series—usually in early Fall—SamMobile has provided some exclusive information of the specs of the next phablet flagship.

The Note 4 will be one of the first smartphones to ship with Qualcomm's Snapdragon 805 processor, along with an AMOLED QHD display (get ready for tap-to-wake features), and a 16 MP Sony-made camera module with optical image stabilization (OIS).

We can also assume that the device with carry the fingerprint sensor that debuted with the Galaxy S5, external memory capability, replaceable battery, and at least a 5.7-inch screen size. Check out MKBHD's spec review for more hype:

Please Samsung...small bezels and no bandaid-like rear covers! As far as a curved screen goes, we'll need to wait to sure up those rumors as we inch closer to an announcement.

Curved screen concept. Image via Korea Herald

Either way, with the LG G3's imminent release, I know I'm going to have a tough choice ahead of me in the months to come.

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Cover image via Concept Phones

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