How To: Get the Galaxy S4's Polaris Office 5 to Edit Microsoft Office Docs on Your Samsung Galaxy Note 2

Get the Galaxy S4's Polaris Office 5 to Edit Microsoft Office Docs on Your Samsung Galaxy Note 2

There are a lot of apps in Google Play for your Samsung Galaxy Note 2 that let you create, edit, and view Microsoft Office files on the go, but none match up to the power of an app called Polaris Office for Samsung Galaxy devices.

However, the newest version, Polaris Office 5, only works on the Samsung Galaxy S4. When Facebook user Deeb Zeal asked Polaris about the availability of their updated office app on other Android devices, he was given this response.

As it turns out, it's a bunch of politics and bullshit that ends up depriving users of great applications—either you purchase the Galaxy S4 or you don't get the awesome features of Polaris Office 5.

Well, that didn't stop us.

How to Get Polaris Office 5 on Your Galaxy Note 2

As many developers do when they get their hands on a new device, developer Pinksworld has extracted the updated PolarisOffice5.apk file from the Galaxy S4...for all of us to enjoy!

To Download:

  • First, make sure you allow app installations from Unknown Sources under Settings -> Security.
  • Click on this file directly from your Note 2.
  • Download the file named POLARIS Office 5.apk.
  • Install on your device (took me a few minutes, so be patient).

And that's really all there is to it. Enjoy!


  • Create, edit, and view Microsoft Office Documents
  • Works with Word, PowerPoint, Excel and PDF files
  • Save directly to device or to cloud

To create a new document, tap on the plus sign at the top of the app. There are templates for each type of document, but you can also start from scratch. From there, you can add text, drawings (with the S-Pen), pictures, graphs and much more.

The application is easy to use and works great for anyone that needs to edit Word documents on the go.

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The link doesn't work? Is it only for the us?

The link doesn't work :'( I was excited and happy till o saw the link no longer works

Any possibility of reuploading, for, for instance, Mediafire or another site. Thanks

wow. the link doesnt work. what a brilliant post...

Thanks, I've switched the updated link with the new one.

I used the second link, and after navigating around half a dozen spam links managed to get this. My first impressions.....not as good as the previous version v4 (which gave a very quick access to my dropbox). This version does not....or I can't find it. This version is buggy....and a LOT SLOWER than its predecessor. I uninstalled it after 20 mins, having suffered an unacceptable amount of freezes and FC's. IMHO - AVOID!

By the way, FYI, my phone is the N7100 Galaxy Note 2 (UK variant) on Vodafones network. Maybe that has something to do with it.

I want to use it in multi Window. How can I do this?

You need root and a couple mods to do that. Once rooted, you need xposed installer and the module for multi Window. Find everything you need @ XDA.

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