News: Five Things You Might Not Know About the Samsung Galaxy S4

Five Things You Might Not Know About the Samsung Galaxy S4

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is a great smartphone, but do you know all the tips and tricks within the handset?

Take a look at these five features you might not have known about on the Galaxy S4!

  1. Block Mode - Repels notifications during set hours of the day.
  1. In-Call Help - Helps boost volume and other settings instantaneously during phone calls.
  1. Pop-Up Keyboard - Lets you maneuver the keyboard whilst managing apps.
  1. Air Gesture - Allows you to use key functions on the handset without touching the screen.
  1. TV Remote - Lets you use the Galaxy S4 as a remote control for your television.

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I have a samsung galaxy s4 SCH-R970 from US cellular. I am over 300 miles away from a store. I am wanting to unlock my phone to use for a pre paid sim card. I don't have any codes. Please any help would be greatly appreciated! !

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