How To: Disable the High Volume Warning When Using Headphones on Your Samsung Galaxy S4

Disable the High Volume Warning When Using Headphones on Your Samsung Galaxy S4

I've been told numerous times that I listen to music way too loud, to the point of potential hearing damage, especially when I have my headphones plugged in. Not only do my friends tell me this, but my Samsung Galaxy S4 likes to nag me as well. Once I pass a certain volume threshold (nine steps) with my headphones, I get that annoying high volume alert.

Sorry, my hearing isn't as good as it once was, so let me jam in peace!

If you're tired of the constant nagging like I am, then do something about it. While you won't really be able to shut your friends up, you can stop your Galaxy S4 from giving you that obtrusive high-volume warning.

Step 1: Prerequisites

To begin, make sure your Galaxy S4 has "Unknown sources" enabled and is rooted. You will also need the Xposed Framework to acquire and apply the necessary mod.

Step 2: Install the Mod

Open up the Xposed Installer, tap on the Download tab, then search for and install the module called NoSafeVolumeWarning from dev pyler. Now, we've actually shown you how to disable this alert before, but we used Wanam Xposed to do the dirty work, which required additional steps. NoSafeVolumeWarning gets the job done faster, with no real setup involved.

After installing, make sure to activate it and reboot your GS4 to get it working.

Step 3: Kick Out the Jams!

Once your device reboots, you can go listen to some music, put it as loud as it can go, and never receive that warning again.

This mod has no actual app or UI, so it's ready to roll. If you ever want to revert back, simply un-check the mod in the Xposed Installer, or uninstall it completely.

It's a simple adjustment to your device that addresses the annoying reminder that we may be damaging our ears. Let me worry about that when I'm old and grey. To quote rock group MC5, "Let me be who I am, and let me kick out the jams!"

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Wouldn't it just be easier to hit cancel. I mean really how much effort does it take

If you only get it every now and then, yes. For those who get this alert daily, it's just one less thing to worry about.

Sure, but why not just eliminate it altogether? This is more about being able to do it rather than needing to. Plus, if you're already rooted, this is a cinch.

I don't use headphones, I dock speakers with their own volume control. Best operation is with the phone volume at max, which is close to line-level output. Furthermore, I use a remote and don't need to be unlocking the phone, screwing with the volume, taking off gloves to tap away completely useless warning, etc.

Even so, taking phone out of pocket and unlocking screen to adjust volume? Then what is the point of the volume button on the side? This phone is a tool for me to use, not the other way around.

Then I guess you won't need this mod.

No, it is most certainly NOT easier. EVERY time I plug in a headphone plug, the phone turns down the volume. 95% of the time I am NOT using headphones and instead using the jack as a line-in, making this notice irrelevant. The phone automatically turns down the volume "for me", and as somebody else mentioned the best performance is with the volume at max.

Basic software design: don't add a "feature" that people cannot turn off when it doesn't work properly. Google used to be good at this kind of stuff.

Thank you, it is indeed very annoying having to take it out of pocket and unlock just to raise it at max! Thanks bro, was not sure about rooting but now it's decided!

That's awesome to hear! I hope it worked out well for you.

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