How To: Install the New S Translator from the GS4 onto Your Samsung Galaxy S3

Install the New S Translator from the GS4 onto Your Samsung Galaxy S3

If you watched Samsung's Unpacked 2013 live last month, where they announced the new Galaxy S4, you probably sat through this awkward skit:

This was Samsung's way of introducing their new translation software, dubbed S Translator. In the skit, the backbacking American traveler in Shanghai typed his question in English, and the phone spoke it aloud in Chinese. The other man replied in Chinese, and the app translated the message back into English.

Live conversation translation aside, the app can read English back in 9 different languages, and you can even speak in English and have it live translate into another language. But much like Samsung's new S Voice, the coolest thing about S Translator is that us Samsung Galaxy S3 owners can have it now!

What You Will Need

How to Install

Like most mods we cover here, this involves a simple flash in recovery.

  1. Reboot your GS3 into recovery.
  2. Wipe Cache and Dalvik Cache.
  3. Flash the S Translator zip.
  4. Reboot.

Using S Translator

Now that you're installed, go ahead and fire it up. You will see it in the app drawer just like any other app.

Upon launching the app, you will be presented with a fairly clean cut screen.

You've got 2 microphone buttons on the bottom that you can speak various languages into, and above you have two text boxes for typing languages into. To change languages, simply hit the language button above the text boxes. S Translator is currently limited to 9 languages (10 if you include the Queen's English), but that is reported to grow.

Now, much like the S Voice leak, this is not without its bugs. As far as I can tell, the translation part of this app works flawlessly. What is buggy though, are the menu options.

With this leak, selecting any one of these options causes a Force Close, or FC. But, aside from that, this app works very well. Only, do you need it?

Samsung is entering a space well covered with apps, not the least of which is Google Translate. These other apps will provide you with many more languages, but as far as interface goes, I'll give it up to S Translator.

S Translator seems to have a better, more direct layout. Now, you can achieve the same with Google's version, but not without some digging first.

So there you have it, a super easy way to install the latest and greatest, months before Samsung would like us to have our hands on it! Give it a go and let us know what you think in the forum or comment below.

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Wow Great guide thats, can you also tell me how can I share my iPhone contacts and message to GS4.

Just an FYI about the force close with any of the menu options, except tts speech rate, on a stock touchwiz rom it does force close. BUT! I just flashed the sprint M.O.A.R. which is a touchwiz based rom, just rebuilt on the MD4 kernel, and all the options work! It remembers what I've translated! And there's a ton of preset "favorite" options, plus the ability to add my own!! Great before, even more awesome now!!

Thanks again for this Faisal!! You have no idea how much this helps me with my german inlaws.

Can you add languages to the library?

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