How To: Install the New GS4 Version of S-Voice on Your Samsung Galaxy S3

Install the New GS4 Version of S-Voice on Your Samsung Galaxy S3

With the release of the Samsung Galaxy S4 right around the corner, us Galaxy S3 users also have reason for excitement. We already know that many of the S4 features will make their way to our devices, but who knew it would be this soon!

SamMobile has obtained the first full system dump of the S4, and one of the first goodies available to us is the new S-Voice app.

I know what you're thinking—why would I need S-Voice when I have Google Now? Well, I don't have an answer for you there. I use and love Google Now, but here's the thing—this is shiny and new!

Many of us SoftModders love to mess with the latest and greatest, and in that spirit, here are the super easy steps to install Samsung's new S-Voice app.

This will install over the current S-Voice app.

Step 1: Enable Outside Applications

Go to Settings -> Security and make sure to check "Unknown Sources".

Step 2: Download and Install S-Voice

Download the S4 version of S-Voice app right here. You can download this directly to your GS3 or transfer it from your computer.

From there, install as you would any other app.

If for any reason you want to revert back to the standard S-Voice, simply go to Settings -> Application Manager and slide to "All", then scroll down and select "S-Voice".

Now just hit the "Uninstall updates" button and you should be good.

The New S-Voice Features

Not being a big S-Voice user myself, it's hard to know what's different here. There is a new weather widget (nice!), and a bunch of new tasks.

Unfortunately, still no "Note to self" functionality, so for the time being, I'll remain a Google Now guy.

If you give it a try and find some cool stuff, let us know in the forum or comment below!

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It wouldn't download. It said there was something wrong with the download.

Yea the main link is dead, but I've updated with a new link.

It says access to page denied when I hit the download button.

That' really strange because I just downloaded it and works fine. I'll upload another mirror and send you a link.

Tried 3 times now and still no luck. Says Unsuccessful download. .

I think it's funny what it says when u ask, "what is my name?" But, I'm a nerd, so....

It's safe, just a little buggy, but fun to mess around with.

It tells me there is a problem parsing the package.

Just downloaded it and it worked fine for me...

It worked for me but if you go to the about page on the app, it says beta in the background. And the button were you press to say something lags.but its good

Yup, to be expected. From playing around with it, it seemed much laggier than the stock version, so I went back (and then froze the app because I never use it lol).

I have to agree with you guys, it is quite lagging. maybe it will get better in time..

Works great! Also note to self does work on my ATT S3 using this version. Thanks a ton.

Stock version is wayyyy better..lmaoffffff.. soo laggyyy. Unresponsive u have to say open app then which app instead of just open facebook. the stock.. woohooo..lmaofff. u developers. Make me laugh sooo much... oh well

how is this svoie different from the galaxy s4's svoice?

it seems that they do the same thing

Just downloaded but says no network connections. Please advise.

What do I need to about no network connections. Can you advise.

It that when you hit the link or your phone is not connecting to the internet?

when I hit the link says no network connections maybe the new s voice is not compatible with my samsung 3 from US Cellular

Having the same network connection error message on my Sprint S3.

I have the same problem w the no network connection. .....I just tried both of the links above and still the same issue.....

Gs3 sprint.......

Downloaded it yesterday slow to responded and doesn't work. Keep saying no network connection try again later even with WiFi

I've downloaded it several times and keep getting the same message - NO NETWORK CONNECTION TRY AGAIN LATER - even on 4g and wifi.

I downloaded this a week or so ago and at first worked fine but now I get the error No network connection, even though I do. So may be not ready for every day use, ? still in Beta stage.

downloaded and installed had to turn around a revert back to previous version does not work. Kept getting "No network connection try again later". Cleared cache and data even rebooted and it still didn't work. Would love to use the newer version but not until the bugs are fixed.

Same as the others. Still no luck.

Its saying i dont have an app to open it .. idk why its saying that . help please

Does it works with Tab 2?

It says that there is a problem parsing the package.. wat shuld i do.. Help

Hey everyone,

I did download the package... no issues there... but I can't make it work... I tried to set the wake up command... did not worked... also leave it as "Hi Galaxy" neither... so basically I just can't say anything... any ideas on what should i do, to fix this.

For whatever reason this doesn't work anymore. It's suspected that Samsung did something server side to keep this from accessing the network. But for now save it for later, cause it may get turned on again in the near future. Uninstall updates to get back to the working original version for the time being.

Too bad it's not working I was excited since I use s voice all the time I had no problems downloading it but keep getting no network connection ....sprint s3

Yes, they changed something on the server end so it currently isn't working, but we should have an official version soon. Hang tight.

how to return to stock s voice?

mine installed perfectly but is very laggy and says, network problems, cant get it to work

I have the file in my downloads folder in the S3, but the phone will not install the application. It just gives me a message "x" - application not installed whenever I try.

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