Forum Thread: How Can You Text for Free on a Samsung Galaxy S3

Looking for a way to send free text messages.

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Do you have service and/or wifi?

Wifi can't add to contract at this time. I messed up my phone type it's a galaxy note 3. Forgot the note part.

With that app you have to connect to other using the same app. I was looking for a way to text to family and friends without making them download an app. Thanks

If you have a phone that works, you're paying SOMEWHERE to send that text.

Not necessarily. If you have WIFI (paying for), you can use services that offer ad-supported service.

Which one's are those?

Little tricky, but functional:

First you need a google account (gmail account, etc) once you have that you will need to setup a google voice number via

If you reside in the united states, google voice will offer you the option to setup a google voice number on the left hand column of the page, if you do not.. you will have to visit the page via a standard proxy or TOR network to appear as if you are in the united states. (You will still require a US telephone number for confirmation, easy enough to acquire if you don't have one, from many free providers or a friend who has one.)

Once you set it up, you will have to confirm your account, google will call an existing telephone number and give you a code.. all pretty straight forward.

Then just install the google voice application on your mobile device and login. Now you can text all you want within north america.

As an added bonus, gv integrates with the existing dialer and has other useful features (voice mailbox, etc)

You can even go as far as to install an app called Spare Phone 5, to make free calls using your gv number over wifi although that ability will not function in the near future..

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