How To: Use S Voice Commands on a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 & Galaxy S3 to Unlock, Open Camera, & More

Use S Voice Commands on a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 & Galaxy S3 to Unlock, Open Camera, & More

With voice commands becoming conventional on most new smartphones, it's only ideal that their abilities increase as well. Thanks to Apple's Siri, you can do things like update your Twitter account and look up who the president of Costa Rica is.

Siri has strongly commandeered the voice-command ship for a while now, but Samsung's S Voice has become an equal competitor, fighting at the helms.

While Siri is great, the Samsung Galaxy S III, as well as the Samsung Galaxy Note II, allows users on both Ice Cream Sandwich and Jelly Bean to set up voice commands for tasks like unlocking the device, checking missed calls, and starting the camera.

All you have to do is say the word or phrase of your choosing by tapping the power button while the phone is still locked (as opposed to holding down the home button and waiting for Siri to load).

Setting Up Your S Voice Commands

In order to to set these S Voice commands on your Samsung Galaxy S3 or Galaxy Note 2, you have to go to Settings -> Security and Lock Screen -> Lock Screen Options -> Set Wake-Up Commands. From there, you can choose from seven options to set up S Voice commands for.

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The application will then ask you to choose whatever word or phrase you want to use for the voice command. You'll have to repeat it four times, in order for the phone to correctly calibrate the spoken word.

All you have to do to use the voice command is say the word out loud after pressing the power button to turn the phone's screen on. Watch the video below to see the process.

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