How To: Replace the Cracked Screen on Your Samsung Galaxy S III

Replace the Cracked Screen on Your Samsung Galaxy S III

Many people drop their phone, resulting in the dreaded cracked screen.

Luckily for you, a few of those people end up replacing the screen themselves, and sometimes they even leave behind detailed instructions on how to do it.

How to Replace Your Samsung Galaxy S3's Cracked LCD Screen

If you're the lucky owner of a Samsung Galaxy S III with a cracked screen, this very thorough video shows the step-by-step to replacing the shattered front display by removing it completely from the metal frame. He then inserts the new LCD display.

Here's a description of what YouTube user LE55ONS covers in his video:

  • 0:45 Screen test
  • 2:16 Remove all parts (or watch this video, which shows the phone being fully disassembled and assembled)
  • 5:04 Heat up your screen (not too hot or it will melt the plastic bezel)
  • 7:20 Glass lifting
  • 19:36 Cleaning up
  • 22:40 Home Key/Switch removal
  • 26:39 Home Key/Switch replacement
  • 27:51 New screen placement
  • 29:35 Heat transfer gasket

The whole LCD display unit isn't cheap though, but you can find them for as low as $120 on eBay, if you're lucky.

But what if you don't need to replace the whole LCD screen? What if you just need to replace the glass screen on top of the LCD? It's even easier...

How to Replace Only the Glass on Your Samsung Galaxy S3

If you only need to replace the glass top, you can buy it on eBay for less than $15 with the tools included. The process still requires heat to remove the glass, but it's way easier than replacing the whole LCD.

Warning: Be aware that taking apart the Galaxy S III can possibly void your warranty.

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changed my screem just fine, went to turn on phone for first time and everything is black. the meny and home keys work/ light up and phone works....but no screen, any thoughts?

snap has yours come on yet or any info on this

mine says also network problem

I had the same problem, replaced glass screen fine would power up but screen was black. Turns out I overheated it with the heat gun. I was able to pull a fast one on the schmucks at my local Sprint repair facility though. Told them the screen " just went blank" and since I was within the 12 month warranty I had a new phone the next day (less $50 deductible & a slight guilty concious.)

screen black after accident. takes calls, texts, alerts me. will replacing screen be enough? Thank you.

You likely have to replace the display as a whole, which is shown in the first video.

So the video shows how to get the glass off. Just not how to do it without messing up the lcd. I sure am glad I read all these. Look on the bright side..when yal replace your lcd, the glass removal will go quick

Use a blow dryer. A heat gun may work faster, but it fries your phone. I suggest blow dry, but may take up to three hours.

Be very CAREFUL when heating it up as the lcd screen is vulnerable to burning (way below 100 degrees celsius).

Ok, my problem is a little different. My screen isn't cracked, but it's still blacked out and looks cracked underneath. Should I just go ahead and replace the whole display? Thanks

Here is a video that shows you how to remove the lcd from the frame without breaking after removing the front glass successfully.

People just don't realise it takes lots of experience replacing the front glass on these phones,
The front glass is quite strong. but the layer of glass on the LCD itself is almost paper thin and so easy to break.

When heating, the temperature must be not too hot and not too cold, if you're pulling the glass and not in that range at all times the AMOLED glass will break and hence your black screen.

IF you have nothing to loose then give it a try, but be patient and reheat the glass (not amoled) every time check temp is in range and lift the glass with not much effort at all and place a pic in there DO NOT TRY PRY IT OFF. Get at least 6 pics under each edge , then heat the screen and slowly sloooooowly work them in without force, if the glue is the right temp the shards of glass should come out with very little force and almost fall off.

NOTE: Do not touch or heat the LCD itself , I prefer to use an old upside down clothes iron set at the correct temperature and place the phone on that wait 10 sec check temp and work with gloves if you can. I know it sounds hard but if your patient it can be done.

Best of luck everyone with a busted screen, worst case scenario is you have a phone that needs a new LCD. You can get them for around $60 if you look around. (not ebay, they are still ridiculous at $130 these days)

Broke the ribbon following these directions...sigh..

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