How To: Enable the Hidden Developer Options on Your Samsung Galaxy S4

Enable the Hidden Developer Options on Your Samsung Galaxy S4

There's something missing on your brand new Samsung Galaxy S4, and if you're a softModder like me, you know exactly what it is already. If you don't know, keep reading, because you should—anyone who wants a better Android experience should.

The Developer Options

The hidden "Developer options" will allow you to great things on your GS4, including give you access to ADB settings, USB debugging, and various monitoring tools for your device. It's also the one of the first steps to rooting the GS4 and making your phone run faster. It's a must have for softModders.

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When the Jelly Bean 4.2 Android update was released, Google got rid of the easy access Developer options menu, which means your GS4 doesn't have it either. Go ahead, scroll down to the bottom of your Settings page and see for yourself. Nada.

They thought it was best to remove the menu in order to prevent newbs from screwing up their devices, but it's not actually gone. It's just hiding.

How to Unlock the Developer Options

To unlock this Easter egg, just go to Settings -> About Device and scroll down to the Build Number.

Now, tap on your "Build Number" seven times, and you should see a toast notification pop up saying "Developer mode has been enabled."

Voilà! Back out of the About Device menu and you'll see Dev options back where it belongs, so you can turn on USB debugging and whatever else you want to.

If you updated to Android 4.2 on your old Samsung Galaxy S3 or other Android device, this is probably nothing new. If this is your first go on the new Jelly Bean or KitKat version, you know.

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Did you get a toast notification?

This video might be helpful for a more visual walkthrough, and shows a little bit of what's in the dev menu.

FYI, It takes 7 taps on the build number for my phone 4.2.2 If you tap it 5 times it says "congratulations your 2 steps from becoming a developer" LOL

For most of you please be sure your on the ORIGINAL User when you setup phone/device. If you do NOT have it on the user that was used on startup this will not work.

Change back to the Original Owner (User) and try again.. It worked for me.

Thank you, this totally worked. It was there when I first turned the phone. Do you know if it supports wma?

Most music players will. If the stock Music app does not, try something like Poweramp or Apollo from the Play store.

it works !! Im so happy..thanx a lot..i actually went to the Samsung center to ask them why this function is not enable for this android version and they was not provide me with any answers :(

At last with the help of Mr Google, i found this site which is my savior.. it is just WOW !! Thanx once again!!

I can't figure out how to block my cell # when making calls, can anyone help???

Guys, can you help me to turn 'off' notification in notification board when i use 'find my mobile'' service in

It shown on notification board like :
"Found my mobile" 4:20 am
Via Find my mobile

I try to go to 'app info' and it shows :
Remote controls
Version v2130412

there is show notification check box and i can't uncheck it...

So guys, please help me to solve this.


Go back to App Info and select "clear cache". If that doesn't work, select "clear data".

Nope. You're not making any system changes, simply just enabling some options.

Thank you very much. You are very bright.

Excellent site - except for the coin things...

I like the screen but the lack of decent apps; Smart Actions and just plugging it in to the PC to transfer files; has me reconsidering keeping it. Glad you showed me where Dev Options was located... Solved at least one issue.

I have another week before I decide whether to keep the Galaxy S4 or return it and get the Razr Maxx HD. I had the Razr Maxx before and loved it. If the screen was a cool as this one, I wouldn't think twice about sending this back. Battery life on this thing is poor. Running no apps and it goes from 100% at 5:30 AM to 45% at 5pm. The Razr Maxx only went to 45% after 2 days of use...

Probably a stupid question but is there app to play my music on car radio

If you have Bluetooth in your car you can use any app. Or an AUX plug.

What I need is a way to stop missed calls and messages notifications from showing on my lock screen. Especially if its locked with a pin. My problem is these notifications cover the owner info and personal message. So if my phone is lost, the contact info is not visible.

At this time there are no settings to remedy this. The latest update only allowed for apps to be moved to sd card storage.

I would dearly love a solution. Thanks in advance for any help.

It would be better to post this question over in the GS4 softModder forum instead of here, since this about unhiding the developer options. You might get a better response there.

Ty I moved it over, appreciate it.

how to record audio via bluetooth headset (not via phone mic) while recording a video is samsung galaxy s4?


Thank you very much my s4 a lot faster am using four processors at the same time I was shocked at the hidden things these rats Samsung had hidden I however will donate towards your work

How do you undo this? I accidentally did this, but i would like to undo this again. So please help me.

You can try going to Settings -> More -> Application manager and under the All tab, look for Settings (will have a gear icon), and press the Clear data button. However, if it's greyed out (as it was on my AT&T Galaxy S4), then the only way I know how to hide Developer Options is a factory reset.

Is there any particular reason you want to undo it? If you want to just disable the developer settings, you can go into Developer Options and there will be an On/Off toggle in the upper right.

Thanks I am a indie game developer and you saved me big time. Thanks again.

OMG thank you thank you thank you. works great. anything else i dont know bout it lol

Why are there options missing from Galaxy s4 I9500?

They should be there, what happens when you click on the build number multiple times?

thanq its work my galaxy note 2

Wow it worked first try, on galaxy S3 !!!!!
Thanks a bunch !

I need help guys. I just bought the galaxy s4 from amazon it suppose to be a factory unlocked. I am a sprint subscriber and this phone I was told could be activated with any subscriber but for some reason sprint is acting like something is wrong with it . They told me it has a phone error and to exchange it. Can someone please help? Please. It's a model : GT-19500

Unfortunately that model can't be used on Sprint. There are two different types of cellular networks in America, each one using different technology. There's GSM (which AT&T and T-Mobile use), and there's CDMA (Sprint and Verizon use this one).

Unlocked phones will only work on GSM carriers; all you'd need is a SIM card from your service provider. GSM networks use removable SIM cards to identify their phones. CDMA networks don't work the same way, they're more locked down.

GSM phones (including the particular model Galaxy S4 you have right now) won't work on CDMA networks, and vice versa. You'd need to buy a specific Sprint-branded Galaxy S4 to activate on the Sprint network.

Thank you so much for this :)

After enabling the debugging USB it ll automatically open , when we ll connect it with laptop ???
Bec its not open in my laptop .. kindly suggest further steps

Your PC is not recognizing your laptop? What model number or carrier do you have?

my PC is not recognizing my s3 After enabling the debugging USB.
i m using T-Mobile T999L.

Worked first time on my note 2 !Thanks so much! I wonder what the other Devices setting within this were for!!

Tap on your Android Version block a couple times if you have KitKat :D

Awesome! been trying to run test automation on an s4 but hasn't been registering as connected, works perfectly after selecting usb debugging from the dev options, thanks!

Hi there upon getting the developer option enabled. Can you revert back to original setting by disabling it and would having it there as an option effect any use of the phone. TIA :)

amazing! lol it works..hehe

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