How To: Connect Your PS3 Controller to Your Samsung Galaxy S3 for Better Mobile Gaming

Connect Your PS3 Controller to Your Samsung Galaxy S3 for Better Mobile Gaming

Playing advanced games on your phone can be pretty frustrating sometimes. Touchscreen devices are great for everyday apps and games designed solely for them, but when it comes to games that require multiple actions in conjunction with directional movement, it gets ugly.

Just try playing FIFA 2012 on your iPhone and get back to me after you've thrown your phone out the window.

If you have a Samsung Galaxy S III, you can finally solve this problem by pairing your wireless PS3 remote to your phone. Of course, your S3 will need to be rooted for this.

Rooting Your Galaxy S3

To begin rooting, just make sure you have ODIN installed and download the CF Root File. Then just follow the video instructions below.

If you want to root your S3 with Android Jelly Bean instead, click here for the how-to.

Download Sixaxis

When your phone is rooted, you'll need to download the Sixaxis Controller app from the Google Play Store. It'll run you $1.99. If you're trying this on a phone other than the Samsung Galaxy S3, you can use the free Sixaxis Compatibility Checker app to make sure it'll work. It must then be enabled in the Languages and Input settings.

Get the Right Adapter

To hook up your PlayStation 3 remote to your Galaxy S3, you'll need the charging cable that came with your S3, as well as a USB type A female to mini 5-pin type B male adapter. They cost no more than a couple bucks.

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Now, just follow the steps in this video below and you will finally be able to enjoy all the best games right on your Samsung Galaxy S III with your PS3 controller.

Good luck!

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Instead of using all the cable adapters you can also use a blue tooth capable ps3 controller.

You don't need to do any of this to hook a ps3 controller to an s3. You simply need to buy a usb otg cable (you can get them starting at just over £1) put the cable into your s3 and plug you ps3 controller in the other end and it'll work. The s3 supports the ps3 controller straight out the box, there is no need whatsoever to root or download any apps.

Yeah, but that's if you don't mind the wires. If you want a wireless controller, you'll need to root.

is the same thing possible on a rooted Samsung Galaxy Note N7000 ??

does anyone know how to map buttons for a controller hooked up with the usb otg cable on unrooted s3

No need to root the phone period. I'm all to connect a power A Bluetooth controller to my s3. Just can't figure out how to map the buttons either. Can anybody help with this issue. Pretty difficult playing modern combat 5 while using the start button as my shooting button.

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