How To: Preview the New Galaxy S5 Features on Your Samsung Galaxy S3

Preview the New Galaxy S5 Features on Your Samsung Galaxy S3

Starting today, you can experience all the unique feature of Samsung's next flagship device, the Samsung Galaxy S5, right on your Galaxy S3 or other Android device.

Grab the Galaxy S5 Experience app for free from Google Play, open it up, and let's dive right in. Of course, you won't actually be able to use these features, but you'll get a great look at how to use them.

On first opening, you'll see a splash screen, followed by a list of the S5's main features. Select one to get more information and details for the specifics of that feature.

Within each section, you can slide to the right to see specific details, go through the "experience," or see a "hands on" YouTube video.

To see how features will work on the S5, hit the Experience button, which will show you exactly how to use the feature—and it does a damn good job, with orange highlights for places where you would tap the screen.

Of course, all the motions the app is showing are automated, but Samsung even included "Processing" for select functions so you can experience exactly what would be seen on an actual S5.

Along with the Galaxy S5, you can also go through the experience of using both the Gear 2 and Gear Fit smartwatches.

These are also fitted with "Experience" and "Hands On Video" buttons, so make sure to check those out.

There you have it, the Galaxy S5 experience right on your S3. Since those of us, at least in the states, that have an S3 are likely due for a device upgrade, this is the perfect app to see how the S5 would feel in our hands.

Additionally, if you have a Best Buy near you with a Samsung Experience Shop, you can literally get "hands on" with the device, as well as the Gear smartwatches, starting today. Check the link to see if you have a location near you with the showcase, and let us know your thoughts on the experience app in the comments below.

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