How To: Fix the Wi-Fi Roaming Bug on Your Samsung Galaxy S3

Fix the Wi-Fi Roaming Bug on Your Samsung Galaxy S3

The Samsung Galaxy S III is undoubtedly a great phone, but still has some minor issues to work out.

One involves buggy Wi-Fi roaming, where the Galaxy S3's Wi-Fi signal strength will increase when getting closer to a Wi-Fi access point, but then completely disappears when attempting to connect to a stronger Wi-Fi hotspot. Shortly thereafter, it will connect to the better of the two, but will leave you without a connection for a bit.

But, thanks to somebody over at XDA Developers, there is a hack that will fix this Wi-Fi roaming issue on your Samsung Galaxy S3.

XDA Forum Member felixchris explains his hack to remedy this roaming issue. You will need root access to use any of the methods he describes, so be sure to back up all of your data before trying anything like this.

To do this hack, you will already need to have root access.

  1. Download the and extract it.
  2. Use an Explorer to search for your original "wpa_supplicant" file in \system\bin. Make sure to set the permissions to rwx r-x r-x.
  3. Copy the original "wpa_supplicant" file to any location as a backup.
  4. Delete the original "wpa_supplicant" file from the folder.
  5. Paste the modified "wpa_supplicant" file downloaded from here in \system\bin. Make sure the file still is named "wpa_supplicant".
  6. Reboot your device.

Make sure to check out the forum thread for more information, as well as the instructions for a CWM-flashable file.

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