How To: Install Adobe Flash Player on a Samsung Galaxy S4 to Watch Amazon Instant Videos & More

Install Adobe Flash Player on a Samsung Galaxy S4 to Watch Amazon Instant Videos & More

Thanks to HTML5 and dedicated video apps, watching your favorite shows, movies, or video clips on your Samsung Galaxy S4 couldn't be easier. However, there are still times when you'll run into a website that requires Flash to play a video or interact with its content.

Although its mobile life has been dead on Android for 2 years, Adobe Flash Player still lives on in the desktop world, fueling millions of websites such as YouTube, Vimeo, ESPN, CNN, and more.

These sites can still be viewed on your GS4 by using their Android apps or viewing the mobile HTML5 sites, but many websites do not have HTML5 versions. Some even use Flash as the foundation for their site, making it impossible to interact with their webpages on a mobile device.

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Amazon Prime, South Park Studios, and First Row Sports are just a few sites that still rely on Adobe Flash Player for their videos—and they do not have an Android app available. So, today I'm going to show you how to install Adobe Flash Player and watch Flash-based videos on your Samsung Galaxy S4.

Step 1: Enable Unknown Sources

This is going to be a third-party application download, so you'll have to enable Unknown sources on your GS4, which can be done by going to Menu -> Settings -> Security and check Unknown sources.

Step 2: Download Flash Player from Adobe

You can head over to the Adobe website, where they have a load of archived Flash Player downloads. The one you want is Flash Player 11.1 for Android 4.0 (, which is the most updated Android Flash player they have.

Step 3: Install Adobe Flash

Once you download the Flash Player, open up your download. If you didn't enable Unknown Sources, it will prompt you to change those settings. From there, you can install the Flash Player APK by following the prompts.

Step 4: Download Firefox or Another Browser

Download a browser that supports plugins, like Firefox for Android. There are a handful of other Android browsers that work, like Dolphin Browser, but Firefox is my favorite.

Step 5: Flash Away!

Open Firefox and head over to any Flash-based websites, such as Amazon Prime Video or First Row Sports, and test it out for yourself!

You may also be able to play a few Flash-based games with this Flash Player version, but probably not. If you have success with any Flash-based games, let us know!

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I highly recommend Ocean Browser for S4.
Right after realising that stock browser does not support flash, I switched to use this great thing.
Before this one is for tablets only (mostly Nexus 10 users) but now also for phones.

i didn´t download the firefox but the flash player still runs good. i use the explorer and it works :) with firefox the internet is so slow.

Are you saying your stock Internet Browser in Android 4.3 suoports plugins? The flashplayer plugin in the stock Internet Browser did not load even after installation.

I just bought a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 10.1 and to my dismay found out it won't play any videos posted on FB or other internet sites. I followed the instructions here but when I click on the "play" arrow on a video it still says I need to update Adobe Flash Player. Can anyone help me with this. TY in advance.

WilL this adobe flash player allow me to play facebook games that I need to play some games that tell me I don he adobe flash so can't play them I've got the Samsung galaxy 4 tab

Ive just brought a vivitar dvr 794hd action camra but it wont let me veiw the videos on my gs4 is say not supported on my phone when i try to watch them could this be the reason why

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