How To: Install Flash Player on Your Samsung Galaxy Note 2 to Stream Amazon Prime Instant Videos & More

Install Flash Player on Your Samsung Galaxy Note 2 to Stream Amazon Prime Instant Videos & More

If you've tried watching a video that requires Adobe Flash Player installed on your Samsung Galaxy Note 2, then you're probably well acquainted with the "Flash Player is not installed" message.

If you try tapping the deceiving Install Flash Player button it takes you directly to the Adobe website, where you're greeted with a message saying:

"We're Sorry. This content requires Adobe Flash Player, which is not supported by your device. This content can be viewed on a desktop computer or on mobile devices that support Flash Player."

Ain't that some bullshit. Adobe did go through the trouble of developing a Flash Player for Android, but official support ended with the release of Jelly Bean, and it was removed from the Play Store.

Since there are still many sites that require Adobe Flash Player installed to watch videos—Amazon Instant Video and South Park Studios, just to name a few—what are we to do?

Install the Legacy Version of the Adobe Flash Player

As it turns out, you can easily install Adobe Flash Player on your Galaxy Note 2 by downloading the final version directly from Adobe.

Step 1: Enable Unknown Sources

Go to Settings -> Security and make sure Unknown sources is checked. This allows you to "side load" and install 3rd party applications. You can disable it again after you're done.

Step 2: Download Flash Player 11.1 from Adobe's Archive Site

Adobe keeps an archive of previous versions of their software. Here's a direct link to download the newest (and final) version of Adobe Flash Player APK file. Click this from your phone.

Step 3: Install Flash

After the APK downloads, go ahead and Install it. It'll add a Settings App to let you configure the way it works, but you don't need to use it as the plugin needs to run from within a browser.

Unfortunately, Google Chrome for Android does not support plugins, so you still won't be able to use Flash there, which brings us to the next step.

Step 4: Download Firefox

Download a browser that supports plugins, like Firefox for Android. There are a handful of other browsers that also work, but I like (and trust) Firefox the most.

Step 5: Browse to Any Flash Site in Firefox and Enjoy!

You can now stream your videos on Amazon Prime, South Park, or any other site that requires Flash. It also works for many touch-optimized Flash-based games (though not all of them; some older games have not been updated to support touchscreens).

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Yeah so I did this using your link and guess what now my notification center is getting spammed with all kinds of bullshit ads. When i check the ap causing them its the flashplayer12 app. Thanks but no thanks!

Settings -> Application manager -> tap on Adobe Flash Player 11.1 -> uncheck Show notifications

That should solve your problem.

Better yet: ever heard of an ad blocker? What was that? Oh, you're afraid to root your device? Suffer then... I wish you well. Only, next time you feel like bitching about ads in a public comment, forum, or review space, remember that tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of rooted Android users the world over shake their heads and think "dumbass" (the assholes), or "poor guy, he doesn't know" (the kind-hearted) or "n00b" (middle ground). There are quite a few assholes :)

I installed Flash and Firefox, but can't get anything to play at either Adobe or Amazon websites. It keeps saying "not supported on your device". Any way to work around thar? Using Samsung Note 2. Thanks!

Mega Thanks.

NOTE II USER...LOVE THIS SITE!! So imformative! Will recommend to all of my family, friends, and contacts. Woot, Woot!

This information was extremely helpful and easy to follow! I will definitely come back with any future questions!!

It said that it downloaded buthen I click on 'flash player settings' icon from the screen it just comes up with ' a plugin is needed to display this content'.

What can I do?

thank you your instructions are clear and the player is working.

It's October 2nd, 2013 and I followed the link to install the Adobe Flashplayer on my Galaxy Note 2, but I am still not able to watch movies and I'm using Google Chrome. What else can I do?

It definitely states in the directions that once downloaded you will need to download a browser that supports flash player such as Firefox, and that Google chrome does N0T support this apk...

THANK YOU!!!!! I've unsuccessfully searched for a way to watch flash-based internet streaming for almost a year - this way worked!!! My life just became a lot easier. Now I'm going to pass the word and educate myself with all the other interesting stuff your webpage provides. Again thanks!!!

OMG I LOVE YOU THANK YOU! I HAVE A SUBSCRIPTION to amazon prime and a new galaxy note with seamingly no way to access prime, netflix or other on this tablet. You've made my day, week etc.

okay, some help needed here.
downloaded adobe from your link as well as Firefox, which promptly told me no plugin available.
uninstalled Firefox, but can't figure out how to uninstall Adobe.
need to get this done ASAP as i cant access fb now - all i get is a blank screen...HELP!

thanku so much was great help..

Things worked for me with one tweak.

Videos would not play going through Firefox so
I tried Internet Explorer and bingo. All is great.

I tried several times installing it to my note 2 but it won't install ... ?? it always says app not installed. What to do?

Excellent. Works perfectly. I missed the last game of the world series while on a Southwest Wi-fi flight from Denver to Raleigh because my Note 2 didn't have Flash Player.

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