How To: ROOT Samsung Galaxy S3 for AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile

ROOT Samsung Galaxy S3 for AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile

The advantages of rooting are vast. From free wi-fi tethering, being on the latest and greatest software, theming all aspects of the OS, to ditching Touchwiz for a pure Google experience and much much more.

Luckily for most of us (Verizon users have a little bit of a tougher route), it is ridiculously easy to root.

Download the files here , and watch this video:

Video courtesy of qbking77
Files and method and a whole lot more, courtesy of Team Epic

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the tar file doesn't show up after download, what am I doing wrond?

Just got my girlfriend to buy a Galaxy S4 only to find it doesn't have a Chinese selection for operating. I was told I can root it to change the operating system to Chinese. Anyone know about this?

Tkxs qbking77 for the video to root; my battery has been draining extremely fast (Android OS 49%) and my research shows that I need to rename the gisffdaemon file in the System folder, then Bin folder - to gisffdaemon.bak . However the current setup will not allow me to rename Root files. I'll give this a shot later and let you know if it fixes my problem.

What file explorer are you using? You need to make sure you have R/W permissions enabled.

I did just as the video shows; however I still don't have Root access. Trying to change gsiffdaemon to gsiffdaemon.bak I read this will fix my battery life, draining very fast with the Android OS running - burning my battery life.

Any suggestions, Brent. Appreciate your assistance, thanks.

ES File Explorer, will this work. How do I check to ensure I have R/W permissions enabled?

Yes that will work. Make sure you're on the latest version, then hit Menu -> Tools -> and make sure Root Explorer is "On".

FAISAL, I've completed the video. I tried as you suggest, to turn on Root Explorer; I get an error message, "sorry, test failed. This feature can not run on your device."

Idea's? my email is

also, when I did as the video suggest; I have a Superuser icon. Every time i press it, I get "Unfortunately, Superuser has stopped."

Sorry! This device does not have proper root access.

Ok, we'll need to get you rooted. What carrier to do have?

Notice to messages in Root Checker Basic

  1. Due to security concerns, Google bans applications from PROVIDING root access.
  2. Will not root this device. Will VERIFY proper root installation.

I completed all suggestions, still not working. 1) Top left of phone screen shows a shield symbol - this symbol represents a Samsung program running that is blocking access to a secure area stating I don't have access, without authorization. 2) Checked Root Checker Basic - rec'd Please wait for Root Check to complete. System appears to be running very slow (system just keeps running, cirlce does not stop, nothing happens). 3) I went into ES File Explorer and changed Root access to yes; however when I rename the gsiffdaemon.bak - Task Failed.

When I check my Battery consumption; Android OS at 57% - this is the reason I'm trying to make changes to my phone b/c of my battery draining so fast, tkxs.


Update - I got the previous issued fixed, did a reboot. ONLY issues - I still can't rename the gsiff file; rec'd Task failed.

Root Checker -works, SuperSU - works, the Samsung Shield is removed.

Any idea's why it will not let me rename the gsiffdaemon file? Is there another fix I can try?

That is very strange. Let's try with a different file explorer—this is the one I use.

Let me know how what goes.

That worked, thanks. Now, hopefully my battery won't drain so quickly. Should I uninstall any programs? ES File Explorer, ES Task Manager, SuperSU; your thoughts?

Curiosity - the Shield symbol is back up (what is that app used for, Security issues is what I believe?) Also, I went back through ES File Explorer and notice the gsiffdaemon is no longer there. If I use Rom Browser, I can see gsiffdaemon.bak - why is that?

Tkxs for all your help, and I hope this does indeed fix my battery issue.

It seems that maybe ES isn't working as root explorer, which is something I've had issues with before using their app. I doesn't always display files, which is why I switched.

The Shield symbol is probably as app you're running, maybe Lookout Security?

Keep SuperSU on your device as you'll need that you access root privileges. In my opinion, you can remove all the ES programs, but that's a personal choice.

I have finished the procedure of rooting it, but as soon as my s3 boot up it said superuser stopped working but it was not authorized. How can I fix this. Looks like it's blocked by the stock security feature.

I have a t mobile s3 and it wont let me root because the security is blocking the app. How do I fix this? It say unfortunately superuser has stopped

hey i followed all the steps but now it says cant mount what do i do help please i am not really good at these?

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