How To: Get Auto-Rotating Google Now Wallpapers on Your Samsung Galaxy S3 Home Screen

Get Auto-Rotating Google Now Wallpapers on Your Samsung Galaxy S3 Home Screen

There are hundreds of sites that host high-res wallpapers for your Android's home screen, but most of us stick with the same old drab stock wallpaper because we're too lazy to go hunt for new ones.

If you like the backgrounds that Google Now boasts in the Google Search app, then spice up your Samsung Galaxy S3's home screen by having your wallpaper automatically change to different Now-style backgrounds according to the time of day you set. It sure beats hunting for new wallpapers every time you're sick of the old one.

To get these rotating wallpapers on your Samsung Galaxy S3, just download GoogleNowWallpaper or GoogleNowWallpaper HD by Bongoman for free from the Google Play Store.

Once you install and enter in your location information, GoogleNowWallpaper will automatically display a Google Now background based on the time of day. Throughout the day, the wallpapers will continuously changed based on the time at your location. There are four different modes (dawn, day, dusk, and night), all of which carry their own set of colors and imagery.

Depending on your location, GoogleNowWallpaper will also provide a background image customized for your city, which is a small, but cool addition.

You can also go into the app and adjust the time period manually. If you like the day wallpaper and want it to run at 10:00 a.m., you can do that in the settings (the wrench icon).

For those concerned about battery life, you should know that this app is not a live wallpaper, and will not drain your battery like those live backgrounds can sometimes do. Even though it switches out wallpapers automatically, each Google Now wallpaper acts as a singular stagnant image, so while it may change from time to time, it does not consume battery life like a live wallpaper would.

Have you tried Google Now Wallpaper? Let us know what you think in the comments section.

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