Forum Thread: I am trying to get the file from the Towelroot site, but it will not download on my phone (Samsung Galaxy S3 i747m)

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i suggest you use the brownser that comes with the phone. somehow google is not allowing it to download the file the apk to root.

ty Armel

yes I was using Chrome. As you suggested the browser that came with the phone did work. I am just waiting on my download.

OK I could not get the file to download altho' it did try on the phone.

So I downloaded it to my PC and then transferred it to my phone. It went thru the process, right up until the 'Make it Rain' page. When I clicked on it I got a msg that said "This phone isn't currently supported."

The phone is a Samsung Galaxy S3 SGH-i747M s/n: R21D47LM7KT
running Android version 4.4.2, with kernel version 3.4.0-1784548
I did read thru the comments and did not see anything about rooting not working on this phone. Did I miss something?

no actually you did not. it probably does not support samsung galaxy s3 but here is how you can root and i have tried it works. i am posting the link below just download it run it follow the instructions and you should be just fine.

i suggest you use android root dude. It supports samsung galaxy lines like Samsung S3 1737m. i tried to it many times works very good. heres the link if your interested:

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