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I thought I'd give custom roms a try and now I'm left with this. Phone doesn't have a baseband, says "unknown" and my IMEI is blank. Now my phone won't connect. I didn't make a EFS backup. :-(

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Your only option now is to restore to stock with Odin. It'll restore your IMEI and fix your baseband. Be careful of flashing roms to often or unstable roms. They can cause a lot of connectivity issues. Best to keep everything backed up if thats the case.

how to restore to stock?

soor my phone shows nul nul when i put IMEI but its not normal when i put the codes#1973 and soo forth all codes when i click it to go to service mode its comes ony the word services mode but the menu it black screen all its black i cant do anything its emply screen even even i click meu key on the pohne it bring the other stuffs but aso empty, so what can i do then

Iam flashed my stock rom but it not fixed my meid/ imei null/null plese tell me another way

Thanks. I'll be sure to keep that in mind next time. I'm downloading a stock firmware right now. Hope it goes well.

Quick question. Are there any guides for using Odin?

Hey ive had the same problem and downloaded and flashed the stock rom but nothing has changed :/ need help bad

What carrier and version of android are you on?

the Rom i flashed was to install CWM recovery on my phone but it was for the GT-i9300 and my Phone is a GT-i9305 model. after i flashed that Rom i lost my IMEI number and my Baseband Version is Unknown, ive flashed the Stock Rom that ive downloaded several times but nothing has changed :/

Hey im using samsung galaxy s3 gt-19305 & I hav lost my IMEI no , does anyone hav links to the original IMEI file?

hey. I am facing the same problem. baseband unknown and no IMEI. I am using samsung galaxy Gt i9003. Where can I get my stock ROM.

Hi the same thing happened to me a few days ago I flashed the official leaked 4.2.2 on my i9300 and my imei has totally changed it thinks my phones an iPhone lol weird I know and I didn't make a back up of my efs files either is there a solution yet to get the original efs files back to my phone I need help I'm in the UK by the way I have warranty on my phone still but don't even know how to book it in for repairs with Samsung any ideas people?

me to was having same problem but I restore may imei number by using z3x box

but how can u repair baseband with a z3x box?? plz reply...

If you ppl are still haveing a problem iv got way to restore ur imei number even if u havent saved it all you have to do is download parma.bin gti9305 from google then run it thru odin hpe it work ppl

hey me to i had the same problem with my i9100 after install a custom rom , i also did not backup my efs file and now am left with baseband being unknown and imei null/null. i tried to flash back a stock rom but still says d same can anyone help me out please to get my phone working

Hi,am also facing the same problem with my Samsung Galaxy S3,Base band Version Unknown and Imei Unkown,Help me to solve this problem.

Hey can anybody help me restore y imei number of galaxy s5 g1900h. I have tried through Odin but nothing happened

i have no signal after rooted any ideas what i should do i have a samsung galaxy s2 4g epic touch model sph-d710?

you can try to restore your efs folder and then install twrp on your device and install stock rom from sammobile

why i need to install twrp?

I really need help! I have been searching for months now on how to reset the imei number on my GS4 L-720 Sprint Phone. Some how I ereased the efs file and I have no back ups for it. I have tried installing stock rom, flashing it, recovering it and nothing is bring the imei number back . The mobile network type reads unknown, the network reads unknown, imei reads unknown. Help How do I fix this problem?

the Rom i flashed was to install CWM recovery on my phone but it was for the samsung s3 (T999v) model.

Unknown iemi,Unknown network,

Well, I had the exact same problem... and after rooting,, recovering, and all the other stuff out there in the web... NOTHING WORKED..... but then I found the strangest solution!! And it works perfectly, IEMI is back, and after 3 weeks of nothingness.. my phone is back to life and is reliable.

How I did it:

One night at sushi, i had a 100 USD bill and no pockets (running shorts), I then chose to open the battery cover of my useless S5 and hid there the bill. After closing the case, my phone starting beeping and buzzing, and is actually registering on the network...


I remove the bill... and IEMI disappears... and phone is no longer registered on the network.

I compress in a post-it.. and Bam it works.

So basically, when applying pressure to the battery surrounding plastic frame, somehow, it revives the phone.

I suspect that some electronics got a bit lose after a whatever impact and that, when applying pressure to that precise location, the physical flash responsible for IEMI and baseband, connects back.

So before you waist your KNOX and time, try the above. A bit of paper pressed between the battery cover and the frame might just do the trick ;)



That is just your case. Not even close to real problem. EFS must be restored.

every one is publishing problems but no one even reply ...if anyone knows the solution of all above then please provide link to get issue solved...otherwise this site is shit.

i am having same problem in Galaxy S3 i747 AT&T. how to fix this issue without fancy z3x boxes? i can't flash stock rom via odin , it fails after aboot.mbn

please help me i have samsung shv-e210L imei null please give me solution

My S3 mini also has same problem i8190 model iam trying z3box and reflash stock firmware and many other ways but it can still not working

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