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I flashed cm12 rom in my note 3 stock slot ... then reflashed the stock rom of wrong region... now my baseband is unknown and iemi no. Is invalid. Tried all roms and basedbands available on the web but hard luck. Is there a possible way to find out my phones correct region and baseband? Please suggest a solution

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hi there, I had that same issue and what I did flashed the latest Samsung stock firmware via Odin and problem solved. I suggest you backing up your efs folder using an app called efs backup from the play store and keep a copy saved to your laptop just in case. I hope this helps!

Then Please provide me that firmware or give the link of it.

It doesn't matter what region u have flashed the firmware. I hope i have a answer for u just try out what my suggestion will do for u. First of all download the official Firmware for and the unzip it then after that flash ur mobile phone with twrp or cwn and then wipe data to factory reset with an option of clean wipe to install new rom. And then go to download mode and after that i hope u know how to flash a firmware. I think this will help u.

I have tried this soo many times but still baseband is unknown. :(

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