Forum Thread: How Can I Merge My Contacts Data (From Various Different Accounts) ==> into MS Exchange (For PC Use)


I seem to have my contacts stored in SEVERAL different places on my Galaxy Note 3 (Android 5.0) phone.
I now seem to have contacts stored in the following accounts:

  • Google
  • Microsoft Exchange
  • Nine
  • Office and Outlook ??
  • Viber
  • WhatsApp

I would like to merge all this data into one place - i.e. my Microsoft Exchange account so that I can see it on my PC (using Office 365 /Outlook 2013).

Ideally I would like the data to be fused forever. It is of no use to me to have all these stupid apps having different versions of the same data (irritating or what!)

What are my options?!

Many Thanks


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If nothing else, how can I stop the Contacts (and Calendar) other than Exchange from appearing?



This is still an enormous problem.
I tried going Contacts ==> Settings ==> Contacts ==> Contacts to display.

But this setting only affect which contacts are displayed in the alphabetical sort list. When I search I still about 10 instances of each contact - one for each different application. NIGHTMARE!

Fwiw, I even tried the app "Simpler Merger" (which costs about £2.30)

But although it goes through them motions of merging contexts, it doesn't seem to have any affect whatsoever! GRRR

Any thoughts?


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