Forum Thread: How Do I Bypass Cm Locker App.

M daughter downloaded security and can't remember the password/ pin and I can't get into anything on my phone now help

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Try this: While on the CM Locker lock screen, press and hold your phone's power button for a few seconds. This should bring up the standard power menu (a little pop-up). From this menu, press and hold the "Power Off" or "Shut Down" entry, then another pop-up should appear asking if you'd like to boot into Safe Mode. Press "OK" on this pop-up, then allow your phone to boot into Safe Mode.

While in Safe Mode, head to your phone's main Settings menu, then choose the "Apps" or "Application Manager" entry. From here, select CM Locker, then uninstall the app on the subsequent screen. When you're done with that, reboot your phone normally, and you shouldn't see the CM Locker lock screen anymore.

I have an Innjoo Halo. How can I do this? I uninstalled the CMlocker app but the pattern was not removed. So how do I overcome this. I can't access my phone now.

On my galaxy s3 it's easy peasy. LONG HOLD the home button and a screen pops up. Select the round pie chart looking icon. Next choose downloads and voila, all your downloaded apps appear with thw word "uninstall next to it. I scrolled down to 360 security and got ridof that pesky app.

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