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Make chrome default browser for Galaxy 3

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Go to app management and depending on what browser you use go to it and click it u will see a button that says clear default hit it then go and launch what ever browser you want to use and animal it your permanent one

Herman is spot on. As an example, if your "Internet" browser is the default, go to Settings -> Application Manager -> All and scroll down and click on Internet, then hit Clear defaults. Exit your settings and then try performing an action that will open up the web browser. You should now see the Complete action using menu. Select Chrome and Always.

Justin, do I have to select Chrome for every site I go to? Now every time I try to open a website that I haven't already manually selected Chrome for, it asks me to select the browser. Is there anyway for it to go to automatically go to Chrome without having to choose each time that I go to a new page?

I've gone to the browser on application manager, but the clear defaults button is greyed out and I can't do it. I've tried stopping the default browser to no avail.

There are tabs on which to change... press all

"Internet" isn't in my application manager. So, now how do I clear its defaults?

go to ALL in the app mgr and it should be there.

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