Forum Thread: Contacts Has Stopped Working on My Samsung Galaxy Note 2; Requires a Restart

Good afternoon. I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 2, android version 4.1.2. About every other day, I will go to make a phone call or send an SMS message and it will show the phone number but not the contact name. I go to open the Contacts and I get an error message: Contacts has stopped working. A restart of the phone corrects the issue.

It is more of a nuisance. Any ideas?

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There could be a number of possibilities as to your problem, but what I think is that your contacts being linked to your Google contacts is the problem.

Do you have them connected? If so, you might to disable it or clean up your Google contacts from your computer.

If that's not it, it could be that you recently installed an app that's causing these issues.

Thanks Nelson.

My contacts are not linked to my Google account but it is connected to my Exchange account. I do have it setup where they will sync.

I have been using my Exchange server as the 'base' for my contacts for several years. I had it liked with my Galaxy Note 1 before upgrading to the Note 2 with not an issue.

My guess is that it has to be one of the apps that I have installed.
I need to go through 1 at a time uninstalling them to find out which one it is.
Thanks again.

Did the problem start with the Galaxy Note 2, or were things fine for a while and then suddenly appeared?

When ever a new tweet is there it is shown in the notification panel but the previous tweet is replaces ie only the latest tweet can be seen in the notification panel. I want to have all new tweets to be shown in the notification panel. Any solutions?

hi please help me,im trying to uninstall galaxy apps which is very useless to me,i can uninstall thru app system,but the the galaxy apps icon is still on screen,so annoying for me,anybody who can advise me how to remove the icon please.

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