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I had to send my phone back and while I'm waiting for repair, I'm using my friend's GS3. After getting service on it, I keep getting "Error Code 97". Any idea what this is or how to get rid of it?

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Try updating your Profile and PRL. You can do that in Settings, System Update.

Sounds like the phone needs to be provisioned again. If updating the Profile and PRL don't work, go to the dialer and dial ##72786#. It'll reboot, reactivate, and reboot again.

Three years later and this dial code still worked perfectly. Problem solved in about a minute. Thanks.

Try flashing back to stock with Odin or Kies if nothing else works. It's a last resort option to get your phone back to working order.

The dialer code seems to have worked. Thanks.

Glad that fixed your problem.

This can happen if using an Airave. If you have one and are getting this error, try the following:

  1. UNPLUG your Airave.
  2. Put your phone into Airplane mode shutting off all radios in the phones.
  3. Now plug your Airave back in and let all 4 lights green up solid (this seems like it takes forever).
  4. Wait 2 more minutes. (Have patience).
  5. Now and only now, take your phone out of airplane mode and give it a few minutes to sync up with the Airave.

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