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Hello, my name is Angel from Thailand. I have the Samsung Galaxy S4 GT-I9500 which is not work normally right now. Everytime when I attempt to make a call it will be "Not registered on network"

I've contacted the Samsung service in my area already and the technician there told me that probably when I sent my phone to repair shops few months ago they may have erased the EFS Folder in my phone when they try to fix the EFS issue and repair the IMEI for me.

The Samsung tech.

told me that in that EFS folder has the "CAL" which I learned later that it's the "RF CAL" has been erased that's why I can't make any call... and there's only two way to fix it... first, send the phone back to Korea because only the technicians in main company there can fix this issue... second, change the board which will cost me about 200-250 US.

Dollars since I don't have warranty because I bought this phone from outside country and it's been root already.

So, I would like to ask anyone here if there's a solution to this problem that can save me from paying 200-250 US. Dollars. Honestly it's been very expensive for me...

The phone right now can connect to WiFi and use social app normally... I can make free call from those social apps to my friends if they are online... but I can't contact anyone through normal call...

I've attached the screenshots of my phone also... Hope anyone will have some idea... or if there's really no way to fix it then please, let me know... So, I can move on...

Best regards,

Angel S.

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Have you contacted your carrier? Sometimes when installing mods the SIM card becomes deactivated and you have to contact the carrier to reactivate it.

The carrier works fine on my sim card. Contacted them already, when I change the phone the sim works, it's the phone issue... thank you for your reply...

If you are using Windows, you can try an "easy" fix here.

Otherwise, you can use adb commands and do it the manual way, as shown here.

Whichever method you use, MAKE SURE TO BACKUP YOUR EFS FOLDER, even if the information in there is corrupt. Make a backup on your phone, and make one and transfer it to you computer or cloud. Losing this folder will be bad news.

Thank you so much for the link. Already tried those methods, but none can make my phone can do normally call. Poor thank you so much...

Darn! I'll keep looking myself, but this is a tough one =/

If none of the fixes/patches work, you will most likely have to reflash the factory "Odin" firmware back. It could also be a possible IEMI issue. Check out this thread on XDA for help.

Thank you so much for the link. Already done that also...but still can't make any call. It seems like there's no way out for my problem right now unless there's a box with function repair efs for I9500. I've asked so many boxes support also but just one replied and their boxes has no repair efs support for I9500 yet. Seems like to get the CAL back the phone needs efs repair. My imei is fine... thank you again for your help... I'll keep looking...

Hi. How to fix not registered on network . My phone is s4-i9500 . Plzzz help help ??*

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