How To: Trick Spotify into Playing Any Song in Its Free Android App

Trick Spotify into Playing Any Song in Its Free Android App

With over 20 million songs, Spotify has become my go-to source for music. I can stream tunes to my desktop or phone, without ever having to worry about storage space being eaten up.

One key difference between the desktop and mobile version that really bugs me is the lack of on-demand streaming on the latter. Unless you're paying the ten bucks a month for the premium service, you can't choose individual songs to play on your Android phone; you instead have to shuffle from the album or playlist.

For whatever reason, this excruciating first world problem doesn't carry over to the tablet version of Spotify, which is great for tablet owners, but not for phablet or smartphone users. However, thanks to an Xposed module, we can sneakily trick Spotify into thinking our phablet or phone is actually a tablet.


Step 1: Download the "TabletMetrics" Module

We'll be using a module by developer JsChiSurf, called Tablet Metrics. This module forces your device to report its screen size as over 7". It's not available in the usual repository, so you'll have to instead download the .apk file here directly from your device, or to your computer and transfer it over to your phone via USB.

Step 2: Install & Activate the Module

Using a file explorer, locate the .apk file. My personal favorite is ES File Explorer, but the My Files app that comes stock on Samsung devices works too.

Open it up to start the installer. Simply tap the Install button, let it do its thing, then tap Done once it's complete.

You'll get a notification allowing you to activate and reboot the module in one touch, so go ahead and do so.

If you miss or accidentally clear the notification, you can always activate it manually.

Step 3: Enjoy Free on-Demand Music!

The module will be in full effect once you reboot your device, so go ahead and open up Spotify to try it out. You're no longer limited by the shuffle option, and you can play any song that you want!

(1) Before, (2) After (songs no longer greyed out, and can be played)

Can you think of any other cool uses for this module? Let us know in the comments.

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I didn't get ;a notification allowing you to activate and reboot the module in one touch,' so i cannot go ahead and do so.

Oh well, now there are ''MODDED'' version of Spotify....

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