How To: Schedule Ringtone Silence for Weekly or One-Time Events on Your Samsung Galaxy Note 2

Schedule Ringtone Silence for Weekly or One-Time Events on Your Samsung Galaxy Note 2

We've all had that moment when we enter into a classroom, meeting, or theater and completely forget to put our cell phones on silent.

Nothing is worse than receiving a call in the middle of an intense lecture and having everyone stare at you like you're the dumbest, most inconsiderate person on earth.

It doesn't matter how cool your Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is if it's pumping the newest Justin Bieber track at max volume in a quiet library.

But there's now a simple solution for this. SmartSilence: Silent Scheduler, a free Android app that will let you set weekly schedules for when your Note 2 should shut the f*** up.

SmartSilence is a very simple, and easy-to-use app. It basically allows you to schedule when your Galaxy Note 2 will ring and not ring. Just like you would schedule a recurring alarm or reminder, you can use SmartSilence to set up times every week or day for when you wish your phone to be silent.

Have class from 8 am to 2 pm? You can schedule your phone to be on silent every day for those hours so you never slip up. Have a weekly meeting at work? You can go ahead and block off that time for your phone to automatically set itself to silent.

When you click on the "+" symbol to add an event, it requires you to either select "Weekly Schedule" or "One-time Event". If you didn't pay for the pro version, you'll have to remember to stick to just the weekly option. If you select the other option, you'll just be reminded to go buy the pro version. It's only a buck, though, so it's worth it if you have more one-time things than weekly.

You can also select an option to automatically have your phone vibrate instead of just a silent ringtone, so that's cool when you need to know you're getting a call, but just don't want that Bieber blaring.

SmartSilence will work any Android phone running 2.0 or higher, so you're not just limited to the Note 2. I tried it on our Galaxy S3 too, and it worked like a charm.

So, remember to use SmartSilence to save yourself the grief. If your phone is off you won't be tempted to text or answer, or you could end up like this very, very unhappy young lady that had to be removed from a Texas theater. Trust me, it's hilarious.

Hilarious. Seriously.

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