News: Solid Details on the Samsung Galaxy S5 Emerge as Its Release Date Approaches

Solid Details on the Samsung Galaxy S5 Emerge as Its Release Date Approaches

With the Samsung Galaxy S5 all but assured to be showcased in a just a few weeks, we've got our hands on some fresh details of the upcoming flagship device.

We've already shown you peeks at some of the proposed software, including a fingerprint reader and a QHD display, as well as a look into the new S Health app, but today we've got some official not-so-exciting news, and some unofficial exciting news.

First, we've got a supposed picture of the Galaxy S5's box, complete with a revealing spec sticker.

Courtesy of, this image sheds light on some very real specs, including:

  • LTE Radio - pretty obvious, but now confirmed
  • 2.5GHz Quad Core Processor - in the past, Galaxy devices have shipped with two different processors, one for international variants, and one for US variants—this is likely the Qualcomm version (quad core), while the other should be a Exynos 6
  • 5.25" QHD Display - a larger screen than its predecessor and a 2560x1440 high-definition display
  • 20MP and 2MP Cameras - the device will sport a 20 megapixel rear camera with a 2 megapixel front facing selfie camera
  • 3GB Ram - just like the Note 3, the S5 will be a multi-tasking powerhouse
  • Smart Remote - first introduced in the S4, Samsung's awesome universal remote feature will be included in the new device, hopefully with an upgraded UI
  • Full HD Playback & Recording - pretty standard these days, the device will be capable of recording and playing back in full 1080p
  • GPS - Duh
  • 3,000mAh Battery - this is great—a huge battery that should provide at least a full day of unencumbered use (the Note 3 ships with a 3200mAh battery, so this should be plenty)

And for the Not-So-Exciting News
It may not be an informative box, but at least it's official:

Posted on Samsung's official Twitter channel, this cute graphic showcases new app icons, with a small "5" superscript. Ever so subtle Samsung...

What can we make of this? Well, despite Google telling Samsung to calm it down with their proprietary apps, it seems like Samsung will continue to throw in its own software for things that Google hasn't yet created apps for. What these apps are is anybody's guess, but generally their names are fairly self-explanatory.

Stay tuned as more details drop, and join us on the 24th of February for live updates directly from Samsung's event.

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