News: More Samsung Galaxy S5 Details Trickle Out

More Samsung Galaxy S5 Details Trickle Out

The guys over at @evleaks continue their slow trickle of leaks about Samsung's upcoming flagship device.

The first drop is simple enough, a confirmation that Samsung will continue its branding strategy, naming their next device the Samsung Galaxy S5.

These next two are a little more interesting, despite their graphical shortcomings—screenshots of two APKs, or application files, from an "official" Galaxy S5 system dump.

The first app, FingerprintService.apk, is pretty self-explanatory. It suggests that the device will have an on-board fingerprint reader, à la the iPhone 5S and the HTC One Max. Looks like, for all intents and purposes, that this security trend may just keep rolling on.

The second app, 3DTourViewer_WQHD_K.apk, is much more interesting. The first part of the APK's name suggests an app that may be a gallery of some type—too early to speculate. The real scoop here is the second part of the name, "WQHD_K". This points to the device's graphics, with WQHD referring to a 2560x1440 high-definition display that Samsung has previously used in their laptops, and currently slated for use in smartphones by LG and Vizio.

As these continue their slow but steady release, stay tuned for more information about the latest and greatest.

Update:: I guess @sammobile was feeling left out of the fun, as they just dropped this:

Sleeker, flatter, and maybe more in line with Google's directive—I like it!

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