How To: Disable the Annoying Increasing Ringtone on Your Samsung Galaxy S4

Disable the Annoying Increasing Ringtone on Your Samsung Galaxy S4

Samsung introduced a wave of seriously unique and innovative features on the Galaxy S4, including air gestures and weather sensors, but a lot of the features are actually just updated ones from the Galaxy S3. Unfortunately, one of those that returned was the dreaded increasing ringtone.

In their increasing ringtone system, the ringtone will start off on a low volume and increase until it reaches your set volume. In theory, this is useful for not shocking the user with a sudden, blaring ringtone. In practice, this mainly leads to missed calls, because that sudden, blaring ringtone is what we're trained to listen for.

Additionally, for SoftModders, is the added annoyance of not being able to disable or turn off the feature. Control of our devices is important, and Samsung took it out of our hands on this one.

Luckily for us, Android provides an open environment for development, and "ring-master" dev Shumoapp has just the thing for us: Disable Increasing Ring. The name may leave something to be desired, but the app works as advertised, and couldn't be easier to use.

Simply download the free app, open it, and done!

The app does require persistence through the notification panel, just like the previously covered RoundR app, but you can always use an app like Notifications Off to get rid of it.

So, that's it. Your ringtones will now blast through at whatever volume you set them at, and turning the app off is as simple as going in to it and hitting the "Stop this app" button.

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You should also note that Notifications Off app is a "root only" application.

Doesn't work on the moto e
the designer knows whats best for us and thats that.

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