How To: Fix the Home Button Lag on Your Samsung Galaxy S4

Fix the Home Button Lag on Your Samsung Galaxy S4

Your new Samsung Galaxy S4 is fast, but it can definitely be faster. One issue that carried over from the Samsung Galaxy S3 is Home button lag. Instead of it being an instantaneous response, it takes a split second for the action to take place—and a split second is enough to irritate the best of us.

The culprit here is S Voice.

The built-in voice assistant is great, but whether or not you use it, one of its features remains persistent—its strenuous use of the Home button—where you double-tap Home to activate it.

This means that, no matter what, every time you hit the Home button, your GS4 is waiting for a second press to see if it needs to launch S Voice.

That's great and all, but maybe you use gestures to launch it, or maybe you don't want to use S Voice at all. In these cases, that extra second lag can become extremely annoying.

Disable Your GS4 Home Button Lag!

A quick trip to S Voice settings is all that is needed, which is much less painless than what was needed for the S3.

Open up the S Voice app, hit the Menu button (the one to the left of the Home button), and tap on "Settings".

Simply uncheck "Open Via Home Key".

Bam, that's it!

Now, if you want to launch S Voice, you can go straight to the app, use a widget, or if you use a custom launch like Apex or Nova, you can set a gesture.

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Thank you! I was having this problem with my S3 and it's blazing fast now. Cheers!

I went from being an iPhone guy to the S4 and I didn't even realize this was an issue. I thought it was how Galaxys and/or Androids worked. I love how instantaneous the response is. Thanks so much!

Same problem here SGS3 , now it goes perfect. Only thing that is still a "problem" is that delay when the screen is off .. for me it takes like 2-3 sec to wake up... dunno why ..anyway thanks ; I find S Voice not so usefull in my opinion...

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