How To: Music Not Loud Enough? Here's How to Increase the Volume Limits on Your Samsung Galaxy Note 2

Music Not Loud Enough? Here's How to Increase the Volume Limits on Your Samsung Galaxy Note 2

Got a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 phablet? Sure, it has its problems like any other mobile device, but it's still one of the hottest phablets on the market right now, because, well... it's awesome, right?

Still, there are some things that can be tweaked on the Note 2 for a better user experience, like increasing the maximum brightness, turning the multi-window menu transparent, and switching the internal and external memory around.

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Another constraint that the Galaxy Note 2 (and most smartphones and tablets in general) has is the volume. Sometimes, it just isn't loud enough.

The reason that companies put a cap on the volume in smartphones, tablets, and digital music players is due to certain variable laws that prevent such a high volume to be attained, which can be harmful for users.

In Europe, the EU has commissioned strict laws which severely limit the volume (to 85 decibels) on MP3 players and smartphones; in comparison, the United States limit is 120 decibels. However, it is possible to get up to 100 decibels on European devices by disabling an annoying popup warning.

If you're a badass who lives life on the edge and aren't concerned with causing potential damage to you ears, we've got the solution for you!

Developer EdgaBimbam has created a mod that allows you circumvent those volume restrictions and increase the volume on your Samsung Galaxy Note 2 by a significant amount.

There are actually two ways you can add this volume hack to your Note 2, so you can try whichever method is most comfortable for you.

Method #1: All Sounds

This method increases the volume of ringtones, in call, speaker, and the headphones.

Method #2: Just Headphones

This method only increases the volume of headphones, and not the other sounds on board.

  • With Root Explorer (or File Explorer), copy your default_gain.conf file to your SD card or external memory.
  • Open that file and find this:
  • Change the values of the bold numbers from above. EdgaBimbam suggests that you only increase the numbers to 57, which is "really loud for listening to music via headphones".
  • After you change values in that file, save changes and then copy it to /system/etc and give permissions.

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Can someone explain a little more in depth on how to do method one, im a little confused on when it says to backup the file and then to overtite the other file over it. How do you do this part. Thanks

How do I do this to my rooted S2 phone? I tried searching for the same .conf file to no avail.

How do you do this on a rooted note 2?

Method #1: Yes, can someone please explain method 1 for rooted users more in specific detail... it makes no sense... or hard to understand.

Hello ; I just found out that your trick mutes the FM radio (there is probably something else to edit in the same .conf file). International Note 2 here (N7100), Exynos SOC.

method 1 :

first use a file explorer with root rights (root explorer, or ES Explorer if you enable root rights in its settings), navigate to /system/etc/ and there backup the file 'defaultgain.conf ' (that means copy it in a safe place, as your download directory in internal SD card, or on your PC desktop). Then download the file you prefer (for example Ultra Volume Mod : this triggers the download of a new 'defaultgain.conf', that you'll need to move in /system/etc/ and overwrite the default 'defaultgain.conf' there (you use once more a root file explorer to do this, and you backed up the default conf file sooner).

To be able to overwrite a file in /system/etc/, note that you have to enable first write permission in your root file explorer settings.

OK so ?

@Austin Cohen :

Just copy the file in a different directory (or rename the file from defaultgain.conf to something like defaultgain.conf.bak). Then download the alternate conf file, and paste it in the original directory (/system/etc)

Can you please help me to increase the volume limits on SONY XPERIA T phone? Will the same work on all android phones? Please give tips!

Tried method 2 and nothing happened. I went from 40 all tje way up to 90 and no max volume change.

you're links to mod files appear dead :(

Hi, I also get error messages after clicking the links to mod files like "invalid link". I could modify the defaultgain.conf myself, if somebody could tell me which figures shall be changed to achieve the "Ultra Volume Mod (60db)" settings.

I found out in Kitkat this changed a bit.
In my rom (SlimKat 4.4.2) I could find the file in System\etc\sound and its called t03g.
Thanks to this guide anyway, it helped me to increase the sound level.

The code looked a bit strange compared to this, but i just had to increase the number to 57 and copy+paste the same line under it in the "off" section.

The links are dead and outdated for Android 4.4.2

Thank you for your share. I have a samsung galaxy note 2. Before reading this guide, I used to use a software named Faasoft Volume Booster to increase the audio volume. Happy with it.

Now, I'll give the above two methods a try.

On my GT-N7100, Android 4.4.2 (rooted, stock ROM XXUFND3) this file exists, so I am going to edit...

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