How To: Get Back Your Galaxy S4's Missing Apps After Updating to Android 4.4.2 KitKat

Get Back Your Galaxy S4's Missing Apps After Updating to Android 4.4.2 KitKat

Many Samsung Galaxy S4 users, specifically for Sprint, are reporting that the latest KitKat upgrade to Android 4.4.2 is causing some strange behavior.

Aside from possible placebo effects such as decreased battery life or sluggish behavior, one very real problem is that S4 owners seem to lose apps after accepting the update.

One Sprint GS4 I had access to lost about half its apps, much to the chagrin of its owner. But fret not, with a little digging, we found a fix, and it's ridiculously easy.

Ready for it? Go ahead and hold down that Power button and select Reboot. Whew! That was tough! When your device starts back up, your missing apps should be back and good to go. If they're not, let us know in the comments below.

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Of course its specifically Sprint. THEY CANT DO ANYTHING RIGHT. Held the Starbucks line up for like 5 mins today trying to get my Starbucks app to work right after this morning's update. I HATE SPRINT SO MUCH.

Yup, kind of a pain! Have you noticed any other glitches with the update?

Super Sluggish to respond to coming awake. The lower buttons will illuminate but the screen stays black for almost 10 seconds after pressing the power button or the middle button to wake my S4 on AT&T. Kinda a pain in the A$$,

I am also having this same issue. Not all the time, but when it happens I end up giving up because the phone will just not wake up. Sometimes the lower buttons (menu and back) buttons will illuminate, sometimes I can feel vibration from missed message, sometimes wakes up just fine.

I also have a pin lock for work and at times it doesn't respond to my touch or takes a while to respond or catch up.

I have restarted a few times and even tried a hard rest removing the battery for a minute. Hasn't helped. I'm with Sprint by the way.

Faisal, any advice for us??

Lost most of my apps after update, did the reboot thing and all of my missing apps are still missing..... :/

Have you tried again?

Are the app icons still there?

Thank you Faisal! It worked and now I won't have a heart attack!

Worked for me! Mostly.

During the initial update, it when through a loading bar where it was optimizing apps. When I restarted the phone, there was another loading bar screen where it optimized some additional apps. After that, all my apps were back. I did have to go through and add any apps or widgets back to the screens, but that wasn't so bad.

Cool, glad it worked. I've found that it can take a few reboots to get everything back, but yeah, kind of a bummer about the home screens.

I dont know why i dont have the CAmera icon on lock screen ....pleas can some one tell me how to make it visible ...

Do you have the option in Settings? Goto Lockscreen settings under "Security" and check for the option that says "Camera Shortcut".

it looks like my phone was updating last night I looked down and it had the yellow screen and I couldn't do anything with the phone. Over the course of the next couple hours my apps were slowly put back on my phone. However some of my work apps are completely gone and I have I will have to reconfigure them. Also all of the pictures that were on my phone have been deleted. All of my text messages are completely gone as well. Anybody else have this problem?

If you use multicon it will completely undo all of your customization and you'll have set it up all over again. I guess I've been needing to clean it up anyway

rebooting worked for me. I thought I lost my TouchPal keyboard app for tablets which I love for my GS4, but after I rebooted it was back. It wasn't were I had placed it before but it was back. Thanks!

I have encountered a problem too. Not just the missing apps icons but my home button is no longer working as a home button. The button itself does work for example to activate the voice by double clicking but single click will not take me to the home screen! Any idea how to remedy? I restarted a number of times already.

That is very strange behavior. Try turning your phone off, pulling the battery out and back in, then restarting.

Sometimes a "hard" reset (battery pull) is enough to fix common issues.

yuppie! the home button became adding a new application button..

I can't hide my apps anymore since update has anyone figured out what happened yet I'm with sprint I still have the show disabled apps option but can no longer highlight it :(

i did restart my s4, still no sign for hidden apps :(

Me too. Rebooted but still no signs for the apps I hid before. Can we still hide apps or not?

Is there a way I can get the "mobile data" button added back to the drop down buttons that start out with "wi-fi, GPS, SOUND, Screen Rotation, etc".? I used it ALL THE TIME and now it's gone! I don't like that they changed all of the icons across the top (ex. the battery/charging symbol) to boring white too. AND all the other apps that were added to my phone that I didn't want, don't want and will never want...and that can't be uninstalled! Can I delete those from my phone? I just wish I could undo the whole entire update. It sucks!

No major problems after installing the KitKat 4.4.2 on my Galaxy S4 a few days ago; however, today when I rebooted my phone, two of my widgets were not only on my screen, but not even available to re-install . After reading this post, I turned my phone completely off, turned it on, and now my wallpaper is different and still no sign of the Target Cartwheel OR MyFitnessPal widgets. Yikes!


i had two pages affected with missin apps one page recived all the apps back the other didnt so i have 3 apps missing wtf

Since installing the upgrade, my sprint S4 battery is crap - I unplug it in the morning and 4 hours later I am down to 50% battery, it's difficult to "wake up" and the pin lock is unresponsive at times. - Very frustrating!

I have group play on my Samsung Tab2 10.1 but since upgrading my Samsung Galaxy S4 to ShitKat 4.4.2 I have lost group play amongst others (it's installed but not visible) including many other features that were on my S4 before installing ShitKat 4.4.2. Since installing the Jellybean disaster on my S4 I've also lost HDMI output too and now the swipe screen capture has gone. (back to double button fiddling) not to mention the fact that ALL apps that store files to SD card no longer function, Thanks so much GOOGLE! - Google's developers (monkeys) are always in so much of a rush to get new updates rolled out that some idiot can't be bothered to make sure the damned update actually works before screwing us over with inferior updates that RUIN our user experience.

Didn't work at all. This update is really bad. Apps gone (and still gone). Have to install all again. Keeps asking me for Picasa log in (you just HAVE to do it). Plain white symbols for battery and wifi. Can it be more boring? At least let people make a choice.

Since this update by Samsung to my Galaxy S4, I must say that I am very disappointed. I was very happy with my phone as it was and I regret it immensely. A lot have changed and I am not happy with it. This was an app on my phone that I had uninstalled and now that I am trying to re-install it, it isn't allowing me to do so. It appears as if since the upgrade, the app seems to not be compatible with my phone. Can you please tell me what to do so that I may get this app back. It is not even available in my phone's play store, however, if I google the app, it is still there for downloading.

What's the name of the app? I can pull the file so you can install it manually.

The name is:
Hide SMS - private text vault

  • February 25, 2014

The app looks like a box outlined in royal blue and has a conversation bubble with three dots in it. Size 1.7m, current version 1.6.2 and it is not the app named Handcent SMS

Here you go! Make sure you have "Unknown sources" enabled through Security in Settings.

I did just like you suggested in security settings, then logged on to Google and clicked on the app and pressed in install. It took a while at first telling me that it was looking to see if my device was compatible. Now it is showing INSTALLED, but I cannot seem to locate the app anywhere. So where could be installed?

That's very strange, it should just KeepSMS. Although your app drawer may place new apps towards the end, rather than in alphabetical order.

I did not lose apps but my fav game - jurrasic park is now unplayable as it freezes witha min of opening and crashes - it was fine before I accepted the update - very unhappy as I have gained nothing and lost a game I have been playing (and spending money on) for months

Does the game log you in to Google Play Games when it starts, or back up your progress to a server?

If so, we can try clearing the data for the game and see if that works. If it doesn't log you in to Play Games (or backup your data), we could still try clearing the data, but you would lose all your progress

I am also having this same issue. Not all the time, but when it happens I end up giving up because the phone will just not wake up. Sometimes the lower buttons (menu and back) buttons will illuminate, sometimes I can feel vibration from missed message, sometimes wakes up just fine.

I have restarted a few times and even tried a hard rest removing the battery for a minute. Hasn't helped. I'm with Sprint by the way.

Faisal, any advice for us??

This appears to be a common issue. The only solution may be to do a factory reset on your device, unless you're rooted.

Let me know if you are rooted, and I'll think of some other options that may work.

Dang, I just wish I could undo this crappy upgrade. My phone Samsung GS4 won't stop rebooting itself over and over again, ever since I upgraded.. And I HATE the plain white icons on the top. Only lost a couple of my apps, but I sure wish I could get them back. Also the battery drain is ridiculous. :-( 4.4.2 SUCKS. I want my 4.3 back.

Omg thanks for the easy fix I just came home with my new S4 and it wanted to up grade so I clicked install came back from a shower and 65 of my apps were gone and no play store.. thanks for the easy fix and getting my heart out of my stomach.

i lost all my hidden application...

I have service with t-mobile and the kit kat update removed some apps of mine as well. I've tried 2 restarts and 1 hard reset, still no apps. Why would they name an update after a delicious chocolate that has never pissed anyone off? They should name this update black licorice.

well, rebooted, but only half come back, now other half still missing

My apps are working fine but since the new upgrade any new pictures will disappear, the gallery only showing pictures taken before the upgrade. Any advice?

You may have to adjust the storage location (change from SD card to internal memory).

Go to your Camera app, hit the gear icon to see the settings, then change storage location.

You can also try this, but you'll have to be rooted.

The problem I'm having since kitkat was installed are the camera takes pics but where they are stored, I can not veiw them, it's just blank grey boxes that come up ... ? Please help caz

Thanks Faisal - Worked - I got some silly 'touchwiz' option message when I rebooted, chose the wrong one and saw a real crappy screen layout. Rebooted again, chose the other option and now things seem to be back to normal.

Very Much Appreciated

Since updating my phone I lost my regular navigation, the stock navigation that is on the phone when you first get it and now all I have is Google maps. I dont like Google maps, I want the plain old navigation back. The icon is a blue square with a navigation symbol (a triangle like shape). Very simple and easy to use. How do I get it back?

Unfortunately Google removed the standalone Navigation app and integrated it to their Maps app. Any updated device will have to use the latest version, as the old Navigation app has been discontinued.

I have a galaxy s4 thru sprint. Last night my phone started updating (on it's own) and when it was done I lost some of my apps. The only one I care about is turning my mobile data back on. I held down the power button but I dont have a reboot option. I only have have poweroff, airplane mode, and restart. I have already restarted my phone and still do not have the mobile data icon. Can you help me please?

Try this:

Setting > More > System Update > Update PRL.

Then do the same thing, but with Update Profile.

Hi Faisal, I do not see the REBOOT option on power button as well I can't see the system update option in the more section of settings. I lost most of my widgets and battery also decreases very fast. What do I do?

What carrier's device do you have?

So I did the updates and re booted and still.missing some apps as well as Google play. Do I reboot again or remove battery?

Are they still missing? It's weird that the Play Store isn't visible.

I lost a few apps as well, but what is most troublesome to me is that I can no longer play any videos that I record, it displays error when I attempt to watch any ideas on how to fix this issue?


Have you tried using another app? Give MX Player a shot.

This isn't necessarily a solution, just seeing if it's the phone or the Gallery/Video app that's problematic.

Helppp.. I lost google play and that looks to be like the only app, but with out that I cannot download anything. . I did reboot and nothing. .

How strange. Go to Settings -> Applications -> All and see if Google Play Store is listed there.

What if your "Settings" icon is missing?

After the update i can longer find any of my hidden pictures. I wasn't using any apps or anything, just the stock gallery app. I can't seem to find any of the pics anywhere. Help!

I tried a reboot, and the remove/replace battery but my apps are still missing. Most annoyingly the SETTINGS app is missing. Where has it gone and how do I get it back?

Why is the GALLERY APP not showing when I go to Settings, More, Application Manager? It is NOT showing this APP at all. However, I can call up my Gallery App, I just cannot clear the cache. HELP1111

Why isn't my GALLERY APP showing when I go into SETTINGS, MORE, APPLICATION MANAGER? I can get into the actual app, but I cannot clear the cache. HELP.

Sprint S4. Was stressed out about not having a voice mail icon I was wondering why my clients were calling and not leaving messages!!! I didn't even realize that I had lost my icon! I rebooted the phone like you suggested and my apps are back. Thank you so much. One major problem .. I can now access my voicemail; but it says that I don't have any messages. Before trying this I dialed my own number and was able to at least listen to my messages so I know they are there so why does it show I have no messages? Having an voicemail icon doesn't do me any good if it doesn't show me I have messages :(

I lost my photo editor in gallery- when i clicked the edit icon it said photo editor is not installed and asked if I wanted to install it then it asked if I wanted to update it then it said it's already there so wouldn't download it but still wouldn't work. restarted phone, still same then I turned off and swicthed back on still the same, turned off, removed battery restarted then it allowed me to reinstall photo editor. just thought i'd add this as no-one else mentioned it above in case it helps someone

I've done a reboot several times. I also shut down my S4, pulled the batter, replaced it, and rebooted.

I'm still missing my Google Store Apps icon. I can't update my apps or fix them without this link. It's not in my list of available apps or on the home screen.

Any other way to fix this?

Thanks! This works but it is proof that Android is crap. I'm shocked at how bad the overall implementation is.

After the new update i lost half of my apps and half of my apps just not responding play store,s memo,contacts,settings,internet,and so much more not responding i have restarted my phone over and over and still nothing so please make a new update so that i can use my phone again please

I see the Notes app on my Samsung Galaxy Tab A but not on my new Samsung phone. How do I fix it? TIA.

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