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I had my samsung galaxy s3 fone hard reset to downgrade it because the guy said it would be easier to unlock like that but now i have a whole set of problems because of the downgrading, the ime# appears as null , the sound (speaker or microphone)does work when i try to watch a video it sticks at the beginning is there anything that can solve this problem?

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I have a similar problem since the 4.4.2 upgrade from Jb my device Sam. Galq. S4 ACTIVE ATT.sgh1537. Pos. Has lost what I believe to. Be the efh file comtaining my broabdand version , imei,alll network connectivity lost not a phone anymore and get this it doesnt re ognize sims either even though ive seen ten thousand people asking for help about similar issues yet att said it was hardware related not si. Card def. Forsure have to send my phone to samsung no doubt about it nkt under waranty att go to china yiu suc.

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