News: The Rundown of Samsung's New Flagship Galaxy S4 from Their Live Unpacked Event

The Rundown of Samsung's New Flagship Galaxy S4 from Their Live Unpacked Event

Samsung just concluded their live unveiling of the Samsung Galaxy S4! A more in-depth look can be found here.

Today's special live "Unpacked" event from Samsung Mobile is underway in New York City, where the much anticipated unveiling of the Samsung Galaxy S4 is happening. You can watch the event live right in the YouTube video below, and if you're too impatient to watch the live stream, I'll be detailing everything under the video as it becomes available.

Make sure to refresh this page to get all of the latest updates below for the Samsung Galaxy S IV as they become available. I'll be covering all of the exciting new features and everything else, so...

Refresh this page to see the newest notes.

That's All Folks!

This is going to be a monster of a phone. A full review to follow, stay tuned!

17:05 PDT

S Health

  • Tracks a multitude of health stats
  • Accessories!

17:02 PDT

Smart Scroll and Smart Pause

  • Pages turn when they see your eyes read through the bottom
  • Videos pause when you take your eyes off the screen

Dual Video Chat

  • Talk to someone and show off your location

Air Gesture

  • Answer calls with a swipe, a lot more I'm sure

17:00 PDT

Group Play
This sounds awesome!

  • Play the same music through up to 8 devices
  • Use each device as a speaker channel
  • No connection needed, use NFC
  • Can also share pictures

16:55 PDT


  • High level security
  • Two modes - one for work, one for home

Glove Friendly

  • Okay? Not a big glove wearer, but I guess this is cool.

16:45 PDT

  • Story Album - Smart album organizing
  • Home Sync Connectivity
  • S Voice Drive
  • Smart Switch phone transfer (from any OS...ahem...iPhone)

16:41 PDT

Adapt Display
"Makes whatever you're looking at...look better"*

16:40 PDT

S Translator

  • 9 languages supported
  • Text-to-speech and Speech-to-text
  • Instant translating
  • Optical reader/translator

16:35 PDT


  • Dual Camera
  • Sound with pictures
  • Airview (hover previews)
  • Eraser Shot
  • 100 picture burst shot (Drama Shot)

16:27 PDT

  • 5" Screen, FullHD
  • Thinner and lighter than the S3
  • Finger hover (that's cool!)
  • TV Remote control! Whoa...
  • 13MP Rear camera, 2 MP Front
  • IR and Humidity Sensors
  • A huge 2600mAh battery

16:23 PDT

This dual camera is going to be amazing!

16:20 PDT

There it is!

  • 155 countries, starting end of April

16:18 PDT

A few teases:

  • Dual Cameras
  • Sight and Sound Pictures
  • Built in Translator
  • KNOX Security

16:15 PDT

The jokes! Oh the jokes...

16:10 PDT

Looks like they trust this kid with everything!

16:00 PDT

Here we go.

15:45 PDT

"The show will begin is 15 minutes!"

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