How To: Get the New Jelly Bean 4.3 Camera & Gallery Apps on Your Samsung Galaxy Note 2 (No Root Required)

Get the New Jelly Bean 4.3 Camera & Gallery Apps on Your Samsung Galaxy Note 2 (No Root Required)

What is your Samsung Galaxy Note 2 running? More than likely, you're still rocking Jelly Bean 4.1.2, which is already pretty outdated.

My grandma uses 4.1.2.

Seriously, Where the Heck Is the New 4.2.2 Update?

After being delayed over and over again by Samsung due to TouchWiz issues, we might be lucky if our Note 2s received Android 4.2.2 by November. So, if you were eagerly awaiting the new Photo Sphere camera and gallery, you'll either have to wait a bit longer, or root and mod your device.

For an Even Bigger Slap in the Face...

A beta version of Jelly Bean 4.3 has been recently spotted running on Google Editions of the Samsung Galaxy S4 and HTC One, which, of course, has an even newer camera and gallery.

Get the Jelly Bean 4.3 Camera Now!

For us softModders, installing the 4.2 photo sphere camera was an easy task, but it required root. So, you'd think that in order to get the 4.3 camera, you'd also need root, but that's not the case this time.

Somehow, developer A N D Y got his hands on 4.3 and ported the camera and gallery apps for us. He actually did it for the Galaxy Ace, but it works just fine on my Galaxy Note 2.

Step 1: Uninstall the 4.2 Camera & Gallery

If you're rooted and have the 4.2 camera already installed, get rid of it. The 4.3 version won't work if 4.2 is still on there.

Step 2: Enable Unknown Sources

Go to Settings -> Security and make sure Unknown sources is checked. This allows you to install third-party apps outside of Google Play. You can disable it again after you're done if you want.

Step 3: Download & Install the APK

Now, just download the camera .apk directly from your device and follow the prompts to install like any other app.

Profit! You've Now Got the New 4.3 Camera & Gallery

The best thing about the updated camera app is that it sports a pie interface, which makes it easy to access settings such as exposure, timer, flash, HDR, etc. If you have Pie Control installed on your Note 2, you probably get how cool this feature is. You can either tap on the lower right icon to access the pie settings, or simply hold your finger anywhere on the screen.

Not only that, but the camera now comes with Photo Sphere and an updated way of accessing videos and panoramas. The gallery has also been revamped, with a larger and cleaner interface.

How to Remove the 4.3 Camera & Gallery

If you want to get rid of the updated camera and gallery, either because you don't like it or find it buggy, simply uninstall the application as you would any other app.

What do you think of the new 4.3 camera?

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I did everything but the install button is not allowing me to press it you know how can I installed

Worked great. Thanks, man

Works great man thanks! The new camera and gallery are a little on the minimalistic side, but having the photo sphere capabilities are worth it.

thanks both the camera and gallery work fine. But the gallery is not work with air View on galaxy note 2 any solution?

guys android 4.3 is now out for almst 50 devices via cynogenmod 10.2. its very sleek and fast. i downloaded it from

My Note 2 is rooted using Moon ROM V 5.5. How do I remove the camera and gallery app that was installed as part of the ROM?


Language "Turkish" is selected, the preview does not work. "Turkish" in all languages ??other than running. What is the reason?

I do not like the new camera. I have a lot of lag in my video, and with my kids this will not do. It installed fine, however, as you said I deleted my old camera. Where can I find the old camera to put back on it? I was running 4.1.2, then upgraded to 4.3 Thanks for the help.

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