How To: Install Jelly Bean 4.2's Photo Sphere Camera & Gallery on Your Samsung Galaxy Note 2

Install Jelly Bean 4.2's Photo Sphere Camera & Gallery on Your Samsung Galaxy Note 2

The rumors are flying everywhere about the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 getting updated to Jelly Bean 4.2, but as of now, we have no freakin' idea when. Among all of the features sported in the update, Photo Sphere is one of the more popular, allowing you to snap incredible and immersive 360 degree photographs.

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So, until that update comes, you're probably still marooned with Jelly Bean 4.1.2 on your Note 2, and that means no Photo Sphere camera.

Unless you're rooted...

How to Get Photo Sphere for the Galaxy Note 2

If you want to download the fully functional Photo Sphere Camera and Gallery applications to your Note 2, follow these instructions:

  • Root your device.
  • Download this file directly onto your phone.
  • If it's not already, make sure USB Debugging mode is on by heading to Settings -> Developer Options.
  • Turn off your phone and boot it into Recovery mode by holding Volume Up + Home + Power.
  • Scroll down to Advanced, click on wipe dalvik cache and then press Yes.
  • Going back to main menu, select install zip from sdcard, choose zip from sdcard, tap on Download/, navigate to the file, and select Yes.
  • After the zip installs, go back to main menu in recovery and select reboot system now.

You should now see brand new Camera and Gallery apps in the Apps section of your Note 2!

To use the new feature, just click on the new camera icon and select the circular world icon to access Photo Sphere. From there, align the pokéball with the blue dot until you stitch up the entire 360 degrees!

If you have Photosphere Live Wallpaper installed, you can now start using your own photo spheres for your home screen wallpaper, unlike before, when you had to find someone else's.

Now, share some of your photos spheres with us!

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Cover photo sphere by Catlin Seaview Survey


The attached link is broken

I heard the dev-host site was experiencing difficulties today, so maybe that's why.

I will check back tomorrow, thanks

I can't seem to figure out how to get the camera to save to my SD card

I don't believe it can be saved to the sd card because it's not considered an app.

That's strange since you can select the Internal or external SD card to save your photos. I wonder if it's a bug.

right normally it pops up and asks you if you want to save pictures to the external sd card. it it's also not automatically uploading to Dropbox

I have problem with camera. All the time pop up warning of google play,and sphere not finished.

hi can you please some help when i goes to recovery mode in my note 2 i cant see the advance option in recovery mode after skip tis step i directly tried to apply uddate it shows me an error E: signature verification faied somethng like this please help me to fixx

First install clockworkmod recovery!! Then follow the steps

I have the same issues trying to install this zip fike.

can i get answer or not sir ?

Signature verification can be fixed.... signature error comesnwhen u use the systems main recovery... or reinstall the clock mod recovery

So what do I do to get past the signature verification?

You must first install clockworkmod recovery

Doess this method work for the SPH-L900 (Sprint) model or just the usual Verizon, AT&T, international ones? Also anyone seen a copy of VLC that will work state side?

You must have clockworkmod recovery installed to be able to install this! !

Or any other custom recovery lol TWRP would work too for example...I prefer twrp over CWM any-day lol

For some Note 2 the clockworkmod recovery dont work, it want boot in to it, so I downloaded ROM Manager from play store, and that app fixed the problem with clockworkmod recovery. Use the Rom Manger to install the zip, thats work perfect, and Photo Sphere now save on SD card and sync fine with Dropbox.

Just a side note... You can't just flash CWMR. You absolutely must unlock the bootloader or you will brick your phone. If you have bricked your phone, you will need Odin and root66 to fix it. Then proceed to unlock the bootloader with an appropriate tool. All those wonderful things can be found on XDA. As always, backup your phone before you make any changes.

This is not true for all devices, not all devices come with a locked bootloader, my device for example the Samsung galaxy note 2 i317 aka t0lteatt does not have a locked bootloader, I did not have to unlock the bootloader to put on CWMR rom manger worked perfectly, I also did this very same thing on an s3 the other day, now for example when I had the HTC one X that had a locked bootloader, same with the evo, but not all phones, also if your using rom manger its fairly safe to try to flash CWMR ive never seen it brick a phone, it just simply doesn't work if the bootloader is locked, if your flashing with odin then it could be harmful

does anyone know how to uninstall this?
i'd like to install 4.3.

thank you

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